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Thanks for the response and for uploading the Mac version. On my computer the security settings will not allow the app to open since the app is not registered with Apple. I did just check out your video, which documents the game really well and coveys the experience fully. I think the visual design is great, and the colors and shapes evoke a strong sense of an other-worldly atmosphere. Great work. One suggestion is to adjust the players camera settings to give it a bit of buffer. The set up no (as seen in the video) has a hard-edged stop-start motion when you look around. I will re-post this feedback on your Ludum Dare page.

This looks great. I'm on a Mac, so not able to play. Consider uploading an HTM5 version :-)

Thanks Matthew. At the moment I'm being extra cautious about protecting my computer from virus issues, so I'm avoiding downloads of files/games from people I do not know. Could you post an HTML5 version that can be played in the browser?