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No problem.

Very sorry for the late reply, I had gotten busy.

I am sorry that it was not clear that you can click and drag the segmented displays to change their letter. Usually people figure that out naturally since they learn to click and drag the blocks.

Decided to make this Itch page after realizing I could share the Puzzlecember puzzles with more people than just my immediate friends, which is why this page was not created on or before December 1st. Besides who cares, puzzles are puzzles amirite.

Hope you enjoy the enigmas.

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EXTEN does have feedback and provides the necessary information for the player to deduce and solve the puzzle. How else would at least nine people be confirmed to have solved it?

The various combinations of lights in accordance with their block positions have been designed in such a way that the player can figure out how the system functions and in turn derive the solution.

If I were to post a puzzle you could not solve I would certainly be disgraced by the puzzle community as a whole, there is a method to the madness.

At the same time I do acknowledge that this is a very esoteric and uncommon genre, I certainly wish black box puzzles were more used since they make for a very fun solving process.

If you would like hints, I am certainly willing to oblige. This is my favorite creation (even more than HOUSE!) and I would love to help you beat it.

Kindest regards

Added 7max18!

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Do not mind that last comment, I was just being a little delusional.
Very nice puzzles, short and sweet.

Huge thanks for the puzzles.

Added Lio Lim!


(I got it working, I just found it funny to make that comment. Been enjoying it a lot so far!)

jack this is a zip bomb

Heck yes lessgooooooo!!!



Sweet! Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this after work today. These first few levels are already turning my brain into jam. :>



Lmao nice

Tasty spaghetti and pachinkoballs, I smell full game potential.

Very nice and addictive, I'm gonna try making custom / generating some random sequences by myself and attempt to complete them. :>

121212123 sounds funny.

Very lovely. :>

Welcome fellas, hope you all enjoy this devious little puzzle. :>

my brain is now gone

thank you jack lance


snek :>

mmm tasty batteries nom nom nom

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cod 🐟👍

Short and sweet as heck, it's almost a crime that this isn't a full game.

Felt very nice to learn to master that cheesy lil' bugger.

I must admit I am quite stumped!

Video games.

Video games.


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There is no specific community for HOUSE, but I highly recommend joining the Thinky Discord servers, there are a lot of cool people there you can talk to. They're also just really good places to discuss puzzles in general.

Thinky Puzzle Games:
Puzzle World:


I want to pet Dust


Heccing good game, also I found your hidden message. :D



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How to run this game (without too many problems): 

By RAZ369.

(For Windows.)

Step 1: Download the game.

Step 2: Download the official Python application (recommended) or the Python application of your choice, you can find them on Google.

Step 3: Right click on the game and select “Open using...”.

Step 4: Select your Python application.

Now the game should be running! If you find a more effective way or if I wrote something wrong; please message me that!

Good luck!