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you need make this a mobile version plz that would be Soo cool. And you could put on mediafile or later you could put on Google play.

what is your update plan

what is your update plan?

what is the next update going to be?

When will the next update come out?

What is your next update plan

why is 1.6 taking so long?


hey got favor could you make a game for me plz

I so you do this on unity wow it must be hard 

When are you going to released 1.6. and got a question it's just you doing the game developing or someone else?

What is your next update plan???

Hey one quick fix the door frame don't work

When is 1.5 coming out????

Fix the school bus cuz you can go inside of it 

I can't wait I love this game so much it's so fun that

When is the next update?

is this for 1.5

Can you but a delete button.

The next update should be add parking lot for the teachers 

What is your next update plan

ok sweet. do have a Twitter or Instagram?

this weekend

Do a update please.....

i know right

please do a update