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hey, thanks :) :) 

This is a very old demo, We're working hard on a new version, I hope you will like that one too!

Yes, we plan to publish the upcoming new build with a downloadable option too.

Thank you :)

There will be a new build soon with a ton of bug fixes and background music!

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Hi, thank you so much for your detailed feedback! Very happy you like our progress with the game. Yes, dropping FPS is a problem we're already working on, there will be a new build soon that will hopefully fix this problem.

Thank you for taking the time to play the demo and write your feedback!

Hey, thanks for letting us know! Yes, unfortunately, a good internet connection and a relatively good computer are needed for this demo. We are working on the solution :)

Oh, what's the matter? :((
It doesn't run on your computer?
Please give us feedback here:

maybe... ;)


Don't worry, it's not you :D This is an open-ended experiment, about setting the mood, playing with graphics... You can imagine your own version of the story, or just leave it as it is :) 

Thank you! We can’t wait to show you the full game.

I love this game, I hope you win! Fun, simple, fits the theme... It is perfect for a jam!

Yes, Shepherd is our main project at the moment. This is just a demo for testing the idea, and continue the development based on the feedback. Long way to go :D
Thanks for your support :) :) 

It's clean and simple. Nice :)

Thanks! I'm glad you sensed the atmosphere, this was the main goal of this experiment :)

I like the concept, especially the title :)
I got stuck though, around level 38, I sent in a big monster, but they just stand there, staring at each other, not attacking. Anyway, nice game!!

Haha, this is fuuuun! :D :D I kinda tried to make the baby cry... Am I a bad person? :D

Thanks! Maybe I will expand it later... :)

haha, happy to hear that :) :)

she is suspicious for me too :D

Thanks :D

Thank you :)