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Thank you for your great comment!
We already watched your video on you tube and clicked "LIKE".
The game is still in development and we hope to arrive to and end as soon as possible :)

About "the game glitched slightly" could you plaese let us know when and where you are stuck?

Hi, thanks for your appreciation and your suggestion. We'll try to fix it.

Hi, yes of course it would be a pleasure!

Please, let us know when you post it so we can share it.


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Thank you very much for playing it and for your great review. We take "Inside" as a huge compliment 😊

Yes maybe the gloves are a little bit difficult to see, but this improves the challenge πŸ˜‰

Hi! It would very nice :)
Please could you send us a mail to so we can remind it easily? Thanks

Thank you! The game is currently under development and we hope to complete it as soon as possible :)

Thank you very much for this great comment! 

I loved it! More scaring than many horror movies 

Thank you very much! ☺️


Thank you very much for playing our game and for your great video review!

Uh, maybe the problem is Windows7. The game was compressed on Windows10...
Any chance of using another computer with Windows10 installed on?

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HI, you don't need to get in the taxi... You need to use it in another way.

Did you notice the manhole under the taxi's wheel? πŸ˜‰

A strong steam explosion could be the solution...

Thank you very much! 

Please feel free to share our demo with your friends 😊

Thank you very much for your review!
Even if the game is a demo version, we hope you enjoyed your time.

The cars are a model similar to Dacia, but more "squared" :)

Thank you very much.

I hope you'll enjoy our demo :)

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HI, first of all thanks for playing. 

You need to do the right action in the right sequence of actions. 

First of all you need a ticket, so it's necessary to check the ticket machine. When you check it, you discover you don't have a coin to use it...

So you have to find a place/object where to get a coin...

Then use the coin on the ticket machine... 

Remember: every time you begin a level, you need to perform the right sequence of actions to move on with the story.

I hope it helps without spoilers. 


Studio Kiku

Did you try to download it again? 

We just tried to download the rar file and we didn't get any problem. 


Thanks, we'll check it soon