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We hope you are still excited for new news and updates regarding Member of War and we know it has been a little while!

Well we got some great news and you can read more about that news on our latest blog post for Member of War here on our page so be sure to check it out.

We changed our studio name from Sweet Productions to Studio Blue and hope you will like it.

Monthly Development updates will now start to come and prepare for live content streams from our developers as well as YouTube Development Updates!

We just uploaded a brand new update for the game so be sure to read the new blog post here on our page!

Yes we still do.

Love it and well rated on Core!

It would be super helpful if you add hotkeys to the program and brushes for shading and effects plus extra animation features for effects and easier Pixel Art Animation in which you can copy and paste/move layers of your character so that they more easy can be animated without having to redo it.

I think UnionSkins for Pixel Art Drawn animation would be a must to and a preview that shows the art work and auto plays the animation would be super cool too so that you can live see the changes you are making to your animation in the preview that automatically plays in a loop.

Last but not least the option to import 2d art from for example Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity Designer and the option to then create a 2d rig with custom 2d mesh skinning options and keyframe animation possibilities really would make the software a super killer program.

It's pretty much all the features I have been looking for for a long while.

I just contacted them about what you say and you don't work for them!

Hey BiBo,

Great that you do like the game but with suchs a low spec laptop will optimization be impossible.

its a to low spec and officially not ment to play games on.

We are working on a graphics overhaul with reworked performance but it will nowhere close to those specs as we simply have to down scale so much that the plans we currently have are not possible.

Really cool game and awesome that the source code is available.

I still use this software everyday. It seems that my login still works fine but new users do not work anymore. So I am very happy that it works for me.

I also have a fully updated build of the latest version and for new users are still updates required which are not possible anymore.

I heared the creator now works for Hypixel Studios the creators of Hytale but it would be great if this tool can become open source under a MIT or similar license which would allow other software developers like me to make a new overhaul for this software and get it back available to the public.

So I hope Sparklin Labs would consider open sourcing this like they did with Superpowers. As there is so many people still wanting to use this.

You can already access the source on Bitbucket.

Could you optimize this so we can use it to work with Paragon maps?

Yes it is we are working very hard on complete game changers such as new graphics, new models, new tanks, new physics and more.

The launcher will not work if you not run as a administrator. 

Me and others doesn't have this problem because we run as administrator.

Yes there are.

If you enjoy don't forget to give it a 5 star rating.


Don't forget to give this game a 5 star rating here on

Hey Jez,

I have good news for you we are already working on point: 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7. We are also working on tree destruction and better graphics.

For the Helicopters is no release date.

We just releases update check all details about the update out at:

Yeah it works but I have seen it myself the last days aswell that the rockets have lag when firing.

Oh than that is weird.

Download WinRar so you can open it. Secondly dont comment your post 5 times no need for that!

Right mouse button on the icon than click on run as administrator.

You have to run the program as administrator.

We got now a Zip and a RaR file.

Hopefully I helped you out this way.

Removed. Sorry that we put the wrong information in.

Commanders, Pilots & Captains make ready for a brand new update what brings in more than just a few new maps and optimization.

Soon you will be able to enjoy better tank physics, better animations & a brand new addon to our game collection.

Our Pilots can master not only a fighter Jet but also a Helicopter. This update is in constant balancing & Testing phase but will be introduced soon.

We hope you all enjoy and we see you ingame!

Member of War community · Created a new topic Announcements

Every announcement of the game can be found here.

This is possible I'm the game by clicking on the icon for a Jet, to play a ship you click on the icon of a boat and to be a tank on the icon of the tank. You can do this on the minimap.

1 GB

Please give our game a rating of 4 or more stars than here on

Rating the game would be awesome if you enjoy.

Yeah the game is having bots but you can also play without them. Thanks for your comment.

To fix your problem you have to run the launcher as Administrator. Only this way it can update the game. When you are ingame you have to register a account. You can host there your own server and play with bots or online player can join you if you dont put a password on the server.

The server that you will host will be running from one main server.

The servers are currently up aswell they are 24/7 online only the official ranked online game servers are running between this times:

Monday - Thursday : 7pm - 10pm
Friday : 7pm - 11pm
Saterday : 2pm - 11pm
Sunday : 2pm - 10pm

You can also ofcourse make your own server.

Hopefully we helped you out this way.

Could you make screen shot of your problem and send that in a comment. We can have a better eye on the problem than.

Hey Commanders, Captain & Pilots,

We from the Sweet Productions team would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about Member of War.

With your ideas we hope to improve the game to the level you enjoy and we can be proud on.

If you got any ideas for improvement or expansions share them in this topic.

Member of War community · Created a new topic Game Features

Thanks for trying Member of War by Sweet Productions & Rafikc92

We hope you enjoy the game as much we do on developing it.

Current game update: 0.9

Current Features:

  • player statistics and ranking
  • 3 vehicle types: land vehicle, aircraft and ship
  • vehicles are bought after respawn
  • 12 vehicles: tanks, light truck, fighter, battleships
  • conventional and energy weapons: machine guns, miniguns, cannons, homing missile launchers, plasma guns, laser guns, lightning gun, railguns, howitzer
  • 2 additional armor types: concussion armor and energy shield
  • 4 modules: support, repair, sapper, anti-rocket
  • changeable vehicle appearance (main color, mask type and mask color)
  • land and naval mines
  • 4 maps
  • 2 game modes: domination and tank battle
  • AI for land vehicles and ships
  • day-night cycle and random weather conditions
  • nightvision
  • enemy spotting
  • radio commands
  • dedicated server

The Hunted team is proud to introduce Hunted update 1.0.1

This update includes:

Small bug fixes
Graphical Optimization
Sound Updates
Main Menu Theme

We hope to introduce within 6 months the big FPS update what brings the game to a whole new level if it comes down to First Person Shooter Survival Sandbox games.

The coming weeks we will be working on a NPC system for NPC owned villages around the world.
A dialog system with voice overs for the NPC and your character
A voiced question system
We also will be working on a complete new map.

We also would to like to ask everyone who have plaid the game already how you think about more realistic graphics still holding the Bloxy styled arms and mechanic, including the gear, items, ai enemies, upcoming npc's & weapons.

Share you thoughts about the project & this updates below.

Enjoy Hunted!