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Started tearing up because I was so focused, got 1064 score.  no more jumping for me.

Animation of the Chopper is pleasant however Shift to start and fly the engine while space is to go down is extremely confusing . it's funny how the survivors that you are rescuing tpose and the just dissapear when you get in range.

Very good looking chat boxes, satisfying sound when the text appears, story is a bit strange but the game looks professionally done, Good Job.

I managed to get all 3 endings, however after getting 2 possible endings the screen just goes black, you can still hear the game is playing but it's just always black.

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Very well done game, good music choice and the timing of the click matches the beat.

Huge thumbs up for making it a twoplayer with working score.

improvements, make it randomly generated, but to the beat, because once you know the pattern it becomes repetetive. otherwise good game.

It was a very interesting to discover the virus themed space invader game, it's missing more of a score and continue of further levels, but its currently in beta so it gets a pass. 

I enjoyed it and  would suggest more levels and perhaps a new enemy type or two :)

Very well done, the selfmade art is incredibly well done, I love it.

improvements could be option for more cards, because the 2x4 is very small and doesn't really pose a challenge.

its appearance is appealing, however the controls are extremely confusing, they are currently inverted and it would be better if they were normal.

The download link is just for the .exe you forgot to upload the compressed file for the game, the exe by itself is useless.

þessi leikur er annpleyjaböl