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thank you so for the's great fun and i've played a few times now, but i am intrigued by a note left by sdranger, regarding  "an easter egg in an easter egg"...could it be that there is some treat missed?  other than the rooms found by random(don't want to spoil them)...and, would it involve the third dragon or some other item?  tried weighing the companion stone on scales and such, but that did nothing...just wondering if we should be on the lookout for some secretive twist. again, many thanks.

thank you for the response...finally got it to work with the app.  yay! did you get the app to work...i've tried everything...disabling and such, but no luck...can you dumb it down and walk me through it?  where do you keep the files, on desktop or app folder?  with swf, i can get the initial screen, but it won't load the others, and with the app, even with firewalls off and "any app download ok" it still doesn't work for me...and i have same system high sierra...thank you.

thank you for all of the responses...this is my last question and then i'll give up on trying to play this, so please bare with me...i don't have any problem with flash or loading your other games, or games from other developers, and i've tried every trick i know to get this to work to no avail...wondering if you could possibly note the game in some other header form with swf...then it could simply be plugged in to browser?   the subnet_mac.swf just doesn't work.

if it's a wash, know that i've thoroughly enjoyed all of your other games and thank you so for those efforts.

i wish.  followed the troubleshooting to no avail, and have tried other just won't budge.

yep, it blows and i'm not sure that there is a remedy...his other games load just fine, but for whatever reason, i can't get there from here with this one...not with the app or the swf...if there is a clever soul out there that has some magical input, don't be shy.

i go.  doomed to go without.

idk...don't have any issues with other flash games, but thanks for the response.

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tried to follow wizwardicuz's lead in opening with mac, but no luck...nothing shows up marked flash and if i try to simply dump into browser, a blank page shows up...when i put it in the app folder, it states that the certificate has been revoked...the privacy settings were set as suggested...don't know what else to do...any thoughts?

by the by, the swf shows up blank as well.

but, i am able to download all of the others successfully.