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After funeral which Blake in the tree.. but it is not working. I did trying click.

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You (player) look like Hugh Jackson.

Elias... I know who but I don't remember his names... one cast of True Blood or Magic Mike.

I don't know who is Darius! :)

I found one gold in monkey people in cm bowls but one missing gold 


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Something of wrong about twin foxes and Lion and Tiger and horse pictures like missed sharp bodies.

How many Torgar's  forms?

(Unfortunately, only the path of Ascension is not available at the moment.)

what is it mean?

I need english here because I hope someone can help translate from chinese to English for both of games..series of Sirius Summer. We do desperate for english.

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I think Ethan's Line..funny loops because seven night (final day)..first time in locker room..I think its bugs.

And Xiong Tianrong's.. final day.. meet where first lunch (second time).. then night... funny well.

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I cant find Ethan -missing three ending, Xiong Tianrong- one missing extra end. And Xiation Gang (his father)- one missing extra ending.

I need read english in this game..Thank you! I am quite bit  of confused.. but i found out walkthough or guide. I think I understand first person unlock first then flow to next person.

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I found out about Edward and Hermano said same thing to Ethan..i guess they really want it with him in the future (sorry spoil as i am seal  my lips)

I can support you for few dollars which my pound sterling (no harm for little money for here.

I guess it is five of men's paths with Ethan which timelines.

Can you give me about your Discord which i have account but i hope i will join you... :)

Hello Author,

Your writing are wonderful gay scenes. I love good humour as I laughed. I am really very impression for you as hard work yourself. I am pleased when I watched this different of paths. Hard to say about my type of  daddy, bear and muscle. I love watching for lots of pranks from CRAZY family, so funny one. So I did buy today for more chapter..2.3, which i am looking forward watch!!

I am soooo curious... as if Ethan  is in love.. but I guess.. Edward or his true love! and I know I tried to say but i dont want spoilsport to people watch that. And mystery from Hermano...I cant explain because my gut..sorry for spoilsport again...I am so curious again...hahaha!

Poor thing, Bernard.. bless him.. so Naughty Ray and I am glad Edward healed Bernard. He is right cos CRAZY family...hahah

Keep to writing, Author.....I am looking forward Chapters......

i tried for imp paths..its impossible for me i did read comments..

i hope you help me for steps...thanks

I tried Normal Logan and get second heart..its not successful.

I did finished on Bandit Attack story, Bandit's Camp morale is 100. And I did save Logan on Full Moon story. First heart.

Finished on Bareshade Expansion story.

but How i get Logan second heart??? :(