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Tense! Fun to play

Cool concept! Would buy it on mobile:)

Simple, replayable, nostalgic. Got 21100 :)

Cool! Almost rage-quitted :D But finished it in ~10 mins. Had to develop a certain skill which is cool!

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I just tested it out on my Oculus Quest 2, works just fine but I somehow managed to get through the first doors (maybe a missing collider?) and then I fell off the world. Or maybe is that intentional? Very excited for your concept!

Cool intro & outro! Very appreciate the effect when those big blue crystals change transparency while player is moving behind them!!

It's hard sometimes to navigate in the second level as the buildings are in the view, also some hints would help, but good work!

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Some cells get stuck, but other than that it's very nice!! Very cool to watch cells behave differently every other iteration.

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We wouldn't dare to say that. But thank you =)

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Sure! The game was originally made for 1024x768 as it's primarly WebGL version. You can enable fullscreen by pressing the Alt+Enter

Love this game!

Thank you! Very appreciate that :-)

hey, sure friend!

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Yes you read right. The game from the last year, Silent Santa 3, is still on a market and the community still grows. If you are interested to play it, just check out the links:


More than 10k people... Creative/ Adventure massive-multiplayer christmas game with the true christmas atmosphere. Enjoy!


just write to the search field: regedit

Ough, of course. Go to the regedit, press ctrl+F and write Matt's Creations. Click on that and find Silent Santa 2 Christmas Edition 2016. There you can see a few registers. Check the width and height. At last change the resolution values as you wish. Thats all my friend.