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Ah, unlucky me then.
Oh well, it is what it is. Good luck with this and your other projects :)

Game unfortunately won't open for me TT^TT
Just blackscreen then Program Not Responding

Thank you for the reply Meyaoi :) Loved Seiyuu Danshi, and loving Banana Ranch so far.

Unfortunately, the issue appears to be on my end. GL2 doesn't fix the issue and ANGLE2 gives me a message saying my graphics drivers may be out of date or not functioning correctly. Thank you for the advice regardless :)

I can still play the game, it's just a bit disorienting. Plus, I kept the older version with just Moocha which didn't have this issue so it's no bother to me if this update is not accessible for now ;)

Great work, and good luck on the next update :D

Anyone else getting visual glitches? Specifically with the top and bottom of the screen not lining up?

Also wanna know: how many years are in a single run? Just finished Year 2 with Moocha.

Oh, that one won't have the beta download links because it's a lower tier so it'll always send you to the same page. Unless you're saying that one isn't in your purchases anymore?

I did the same thing. All you have to do is go to your purchases and click on the Banana Ranch that matches the time you purchased at $45. Hope this helps

Popular is learned from a book iirc, and energetic is from a certain food from the same place you get Ramen

Decided f*ck it and just bought the game again for Beta Access. Keep up the awesome work Meyaoi ;)

I'd vote Finn, Grizz, Klein, or Ginger. But honestly, I'd be happy with anyone XD

Genuinely glad to hear Covid hasn't caused you too much trouble. I'm so used to hearing how people are struggling, it's uplifting to hear someone being even just in an okay position.

When things are tough, whether it's Covid or something else entirely, getting yourself a treat can be helpful. It can be a reward for getting through it, or act as a 'light at the end of the tunnel'(for people who find a goal more motivating than a reward). While doing it too often can do more harm than good, I always encourage treating yourself when times are tough 😉👍

Aaaaah I would totally donate for a Ranch Employee, but even Beta Access is rich for my blood 😅😂 (I only have a part-time position and current events have made finding better work even more difficult. This will just be a treat for myself once I save up again 😅)

Thanks a bunch 👍

Only question after that is: can I get a refund if the previous purchase was almost 300 days ago ^^' I imagine so, given the reason, but I'm a paranoid person and it's all being converted to Canadian Dollars.

Is it possible to donate and gain beta access if you already pre-ordered the game?

No problem! Thank you for such a good game :D

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Love this game! Thoroughly enjoying playing it again with this update :D

Did notice some bugs though(Spoilers ahead for those who haven't played yet or aren't up to Chapter 5):

- On the ship, when speaking with the children playing with marbles the wrong audio is played. When the boy asks Ash to teach him, the audio "Thanks Ash!" plays instead and nothing plays when we reach that line.

- In the cabin during the pirate attack, an error pops up: 

File "game/chapter1.rpy", line 1823, in <module>
NameError: name 'guilde_name' is not defined

- Last bug I found was during the attack at camp. I've forgotten the exact moment, but during the bandits' conversation with each other multiple audios are played over one another.

In case it's important, I found these bugs while playing as a male Reaver pursuing Paris.