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omg this was so freaking good!!!!!!!

I loved every second of it, i found the invisible enemies to be the hardest, but Wow I cant wait for more! Havent enjoyed a rythm game that much in a long time!

thanks a lot! Im not sure, i will check!

Im curious, what would be different from this webGL build?

i cant build on mac sorry 

no sorry!

WOW! this is so exciting, i didnt realize you were going to do a commercial release

Looking fantastic so far!

LOL i dont know, its changed

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Hello! I just tried this, but cannot manage to load a midi file :(

I do not find the "Midi path" option anywhere on screen to load a specific midi file


Edit : nevermind, i add to restart the game once !

thanks !!

ty everyone for the comments !!

this was really good ! the gameplay is fun, and the level are really well design + cute music and art¸

congrats to you all ! loved it !

very cute little platformer, its fun to grab those collectible with that cute sound !

whoops, should be fixed !

so beautiful ! cant wait to see the others, the little interactive secrets are a nice touch !

thank you so much for your in-depth feedback, im so glad you finished it (and liked it :D)

I agree that the timing are overlapping a bit, it create some confusing win! Thanks again for playing !!!

tysm for playing it !

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Thanks for playing ! I agree the car is the most bizarre one..Will probably  change it at some point

EDIT : changed it :D

thank you !

such a great game ! very creative level design

thanks a lot ! No plan for now, but who knows, maybe as a free game !

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Thank, that means a lot to me :D 

I took a lot of inspiration from Animal crossing (home designer) and mobiles games ! What would you like to see added to this, more furnitures, more challenges, styles ?

Depends if more people ask for it, it may turn into something more fleshed out

thanks for playing !!