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Stronghold2D is now uploading new versions of the game automatically when they are processed.

If you have any issues playing the game click 'Uninstall' then 'Reinstall' and everything should be fixed! Enjoy!

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Stronghold2D recently made a major change on Multiplayer functionality. Now users can create their Stronghold, save it, and other users battle it to earn coins. Research is purchased with coins and will increase your skills while in battle.

This is just the beginning with Research, it can be expanded in many ways.

Download the newest version of Stronghold2D and tell me what you think!

In Stronghold2D, you can now play against other users without sitting in a room waiting for another user to sign on. You can now Build you Stronghold and fight against other users. Coins will be given when a user wins, and taken when user is destroyed.

You can also increase your Research skills by using your coins to increase elements in the game. Download for desktop or mobile and tell me what you think of the changes!

Not sure whats going on with downloading, seems to be working for me. We use MaxCDN to host our files. You can always download on and click on Windows, Mac, or Linux. I checked all 3 links and they all seem to be working. Download -> Unzip -> Play

Version 84 was published to all stores. Aircrafts now fly in multiplayer, choosing ammo button updated, advanced power plant and money gen have been updated, and many other bugs.