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Hello! I hope now the problem solved?

Hello! Unfortunately, game is not running so well on later versions of Mac due to Apple signing issues. You can run it somehow, anyway, we just can't help, because we don't have any Mac testers.

Wah, thank you so much!

Great work! Sweet cat~

Hello, our game is commercial. You can try the demo for free, of course. And also sometimes we have game raffles on our social medias (Twitter etc), and sales on Steam and Itch, so don't miss out!

Thank you very much 💓

Thank you for the nice review!

The game is completed. Only updates left is a release for Android version, and small patch with fixed English translation :)

Enjoy, please. Thank you!

Woof-woof, thanks~

Hello! It will be the same price as original game. Meaning you will get PC and Android version for 4.99$. We just need to fix bugs and update English translation before releasing stable Android version!

Enjoy, please~

Guys, we want to address that the game has some mistakes in English version, and we are working on fixing them into next update! So, please, rest assured~

Thanks! We fixed a bug when bonus gallery opened from main menu at first launch. If you experienced this, please, reupload the build. Or just press "Delete progress" in Settings!

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Oh, in your country Steam isn't available? Don't worry, here on ITCH you can buy same content as on Steam!

Demo version updated! And release soon!

It was wonderful! Thanks!

Thank you!



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Great, also we have Instagram :)

Thank you so much!


There is only one love interest right now — Richard!

Oof, we don't have any protection of archive. You can redownload and try another extracting program!

Thank you so much! News very soon ;)

Yes, yes! We hope too! 

Oof, thank you!

Thank you, please, stay tuned!

Don't worry, there will be news soon! We are just struggle with heat...

Arrrgh, seems you like it so much!

Of course, it will be released, just there are so many matters we should do before it. The game isn't ready yet.

Full version is 18+, so no chance this to be on Google Play. But demo version only — maybe.

Anyways, full version of separate APK will be available.

Hello! We made a statement in our blog where you can read everything what happens with the game right now!

Yep, the full game will be in Steam and here, commercial. 

Ehehe. Enjoy him!

Arrrghh~ Strong muscle doggo will take you~

Thank you so much!

Thank you, woof woof!

Stay tuned!