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It's probably to hype up the game and show that good things are to come. I was also disappointed in the slight lack of scenes but they have to get people excited. Also delayed gratification is a beautiful part of any game and it actually makes it feel a lot better to play when you don't get your reward immediately.

Not to be rude but couldn't you have waited until the technology got better to use AI voice acting? 

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First of all, I HATE the boss (probably because I don't want to turn off hard mode). Second of all, this is an amazing game and I love it you did an amazing job. And third of all, is this still being worked on and if so when will the next update/full game come out?

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bought too many plasma turrets and almost crashed my game 10/10

did you try clicking on the game first?

time to start the wasteland mafia

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I mean you're the one here not giving any reasons saying why you're right and I'm wrong so why don't you do your own research, also I'm only arguing with you because you're not making a valid point or even backing your own arguments, and I can't tell if you read my replies or just replied to attempt to insult me but this shows that you approve of putting innocent people in prison and psychologically abusing little boys with your stupid movements because all of your twitter friends think you're helping people. If you reply to this please at least tell me what research you did or why you think that men are the problem.

Please give an actual response that isn't just you hating on men and give reasons why people should support the movements that have gotten innocent people locked up and to gives little boys the idea that they are a problem and make little girls fear them for no reason. Also #TeachMenNotToRape is just completely sexist, ask any sane human being, man or woman, and they will tell you the same.

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Honestly I agree with you, not supporting those movements is actually kind of logical. For me the #TeachMenNotToRape is especially bad as it generalizes all men as potential rapists while also ignoring the fact that men are also sexually assaulted by women and are usually looked down upon when they do anything to retaliate, such as fighting back or taking legal action, but there are of course exceptions to people who support the movements as there is with anything so I can't say they're all bad or good, just misled. And I hope that guy gets what he deserves as well.

I would imagine not considering it's over 20gb and probably has only pc controls.

Your saves will transfer. I know because I have been through like 3 builds without losing my saves.

pretty early but I found a bug where clothes stay on after new game +

get to new ark city and go up


the shower fact is actually helpful because you need to unlock the VIP shower to ask Sammy for the Don's guard's schedules (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone who hasn't gotten that far in that questline)

just cum in every way possible or wake her up while she's pregnant


How do you order the house brew? I have no idea how to do it and I want to access the fight club