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It'd be nice to see em here!

Understood! I'll be keeping an eye out for more info about the game, its features and its depth (items, events, character creation, etc)

Good luck!

On Reddit you folks mentioned there would be a windows and Mac release eventually?

If you ever do end up updating it or make plans to update it for a while to come (nothing consistent, just an assurance that updates will come at some point or another), I know I'd definitely be willing to pay for an updated version!

Understood! Thanks. That is a neat feature!

An awesome roguelike with tons of potential, alot of it having been fulfilled already! Though I know there's alot more to look forward to in the future, as seen by your road map. I just have one question, since I cannot seem to find any guides online whatsoever... What purpose do strange circles serve? I found a rune that allows you to make them? I'm not sure how they work...

Because it requires the use of APKs, it will likely never be on I-Phone. Especially since I-Phone doesn't usually support indie games or fan made games, so the app store is definitely out. If you wanna start playing games like these, you'll need to get an Android powered phone or device.