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I totally understand, and even with one of the three turtles I would be very glad :). I understand it is a difficult proces to create these resources, so don't worry. I am already really happy you are willing to take some sugestions under consideration.  Was the Catoblepas in this pack? I could have over looked it. Or are you talking about an other pack? If everything goes well I can buy this pack nekst friday. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Thank you so much for making these available. They are good Battlers. Would it be ok if I put in some other (more obscure) suggestions for adittions to this pack (or a new pack)? Byakko, Catoblepas, Genbu, Kirin, Kappa, Unicorn, Wherewolf, Cobra Snake, Tortoise, Snale, Sea Turtle. Anyhow, this pack is great how it is and I will be buying it soon. 

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I really like your battlers and your art style, and I am thinking about buying the pack. In the future are there any more plans for packs of battlers to expand the roster (because there are still a few I am missing and would really like to have, for example a centaur, a toad, an eastern style dragon) ? If there is nothing planned for in the future, would you be willing to take commissions?

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Really looking nice, kind of reminds me of the spookey season :)

That sounds very nice! I think I will eventually pick up your packs! First have to save up just a bit more. Good luck with these assets, they look great, and I like them very much!

Hi Jamie, I saw in the demo of the game there where faces of the actor. Will these be eventually made for every character in the sprite pack and enemy sprite packs?

Hey, have a great holiday for you and your fam! Taking a guess at the mystery clue: could modern f. stand for modern Farm? And P. for Patreon?

These are nice, but to be honest, I really do like the pixelart icons better and I hope they will be conitnued as well

Hey, I think something went wrong with the upload; the black outline folder is missing :) (16x16 blackoutline)

Hey Thomas, you accidentally uploaded the Aventure pack v 1.1 here, not the Alchemy pack v 1.1.

Hey Thomas, thanks for the information. Nice to hear every set will recieve an update. I will get them as the updates come out!

Hello Thomas, 

Thanks for your fast reply and good service!  There is no need for any refunds any more. I had overlooked the 00 (basic) set.  I really do love the 00-2 addition (black outlines and 16x16) of version 1.1, that was exactly what I needed. Are all the other 16x16 sets going to be upgraded with the 00-2 addition? I would then start buying them all. 

Dear Thomas, I bought this as a tryout. Sadly it fails big time for me. First of all I personally use the Icons with a black outlining, wich means the icons are 18x18 pixels not 16x16 pixels. This was not stated in the ad. Then I thought let's try the ones without outlines. These ones are not lined out in a proper 16 by 16 grid. The grid is actually 18 by 18 again, and it would be a pain to get them to fit back in an actual 16x16 grid. My question would be could you please make an update for us where it does align in a proper 16x16 grid? If this is not possible could I please get a refund, because these are useless for me now. 

Hey sorry I have a question, I saw the icons where 24 by 24 pixels, is there any chance they will also be released as  a 16 by 16 (or 32 by 32)?

One of the best and most original Icon packs I own. 

Thats good to hear, I just send an e-mail!

Hey, I bought this pack some time ago. It is really nice and I like it. I noticed thoug that the style does not completly match your Kitchenware and Fantasy Mushroom pack. Is there any chance these icons could be made to match that set just a little more (with a black outline)? And on an other note would you be open to working commissions (if I could afford the price)?

That looks great! Thanks I am going to buy it!

Hey I have a question, in the description it states: orignal and outline pack. What do you mean with outline? Does the outline pack include a black outline with the icons (than they would be usefull to me)?

Hey I just downloaded the sample and saw that the icons with no background had no black outlining. Is there any chance that you are going to make them with a black outlining in the future? I really like the icons, but at the moment they don't match the stile of my game and if they had black outlines they would

Hey Thomas, I have got a question, do you have a few sample icons in all different styles? Because I have to issues before I am willing to buy. The first is I need some 32x32 sprites (maybe I can fix something in gimp) and the second is I would like to test a few out to see if they match the style of the rest of my game.