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A member registered May 18, 2017

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what looks to be a new issue on OSX / macbook ...

during the calbration process and before each flight, the software sees the sticks as all at their minimum range (not centered).

To work around it during calibration, just wiggle the sticks on the first screen before clicking ok.  You will see the little circles "wake up" and go to  center position.  However where it gets annoying is you need to wiggle sticks before each takeoff.

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having this same issue - latest osx build - calibration is just awful.  seems to assign the yaw incorrectly and so some sticks work, others don't.  my current models worked perfectly.  seems to be an issue just on OSX

Edit:  Clicking the circles is the only way to get this working on a new macbook.  Was using a model that previously worked connecting to a windows install.

Note:  one issue I am still having is that FPV freerider takes a moment to detect the sticks are centered instead having them all at min range.   So  you can get it working in calbration by just wiggling the sticks - they will center out.  You must do this during calibration and before each takeoff in the sim.