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32bit is currently not planned. If it's not too much work it might be added in the future.

Prize of full version will be 5€ or 6$.
There is currently no in-game clan or friend system, though you can join a friends game on steam by clicking join game in steam friends.

There will be a free version that can play without an account, and thus cannot gain points to unlock alternative kits.
The paid version will enable login to an account that will save your score to unlock an alternative kit for each standard kit whenever enough score is gathered.

Yes you can play offline vs bots or on LAN or online.

Should be there soon, maybe a month

Everything is up and running on Steam, though still hidden, and should be approved for release soon. 

Currently there is no official download. But will soon be available on steam and itch

Hello, I try to release it as soon as I can. Hopefully it will be out by september.


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It should work on Intel. But the GPU must support OpenGL 4.3, the lowest Intel card that should work is HD Graphics 4200 according to Wikipedia. If your card is older than this, it will not work because the game can't start unless OpenGL 4.3 is supported.
Adding support for older OpenGL versions is very unlikely to happen right now.