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fun, I tried to give him an extra for the go, but he closed it up

At first when I seen the things on the wall, I was gonna say, "Where did they get those?" Then I realized they weren't in pixels..

Looks like some theatre

This I would sleep in. (which is not a bad thing)

triple bed, I've seen bunk beds, but until now, this never came to mind, great design though

Not too crowded, this is something like what I was going for at first, but before I found out you could add that other section to the room.

Basic, In a good way

Best room I've seen so far

okay, I see a face, and I think a body

This is a great room, I wanna copy it now.

Honestly, on one picture, there are so many books under one book, I kept adding things and realizing that I'd have to cover some up but here it is. The one with all those mirrors is the most recent, thats full of books. 

I won't ever make it to the ending 

RIIGGGHHHHHTTTT??? The thing killed me, on the 4th job, the only reason I continued playing was because my little sister was watching.

When I was about to finish job 3, it said feed me, I don't want to feed it, I still played the level. I'm in the house and it's talking about fixing a stove or something. How does he know to fix the stuff when it just says feed me, that's when I turned it off, I'm not feeding nothing that tells me to feed it.  The way it put different accents on the letters was scary, once I started the job, I clicked the back button.

I knew it, I made it to job 2, when I was fixing the Tv and the lights went out for a split second, I was getting ready to turn the game off, I'm not even sure if this is horror, I just finished the second job, I jumped when the lights turned out, and instantly to the comments. I see one at the top that says, I like not horror games, thats scary too, because they meant to say, 'I don't like horror games'

Sounds like a good song to get drunk to, I think.. I actually started thinking this was real for a second, I was on moonshine, score was 0, things got blurred quick, but I was doing my best to stay on the road.


So, make it into fertilizer? Yeah, I think so, and thats not a very neat suggestion, no offense. Just seems really, I dunno, harsh,

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The game is REAL good, I just started playing it. I didn't think it would save, I thought it only worked on a windows computer, where you'd download it, and I was scared to X out the tab. When I came back, it was the same as I left it. That was a relief, but then the To-Do lists came. 

Only one tiny little suggestion, maybe make the thing a little less pricey? If not, at least make the plants give you x3 blossoms once, and the rest once. It would really help, and not make the game much easier. Anyway, glad I found it, and I would really recommend this to ANYbody who's bored. I know this isn't play store, where you read the comments on the game, but this game is amazing, and its not the best, but its right there.

Oh, and also, please make an option to water all plants. Like, there's a collect all, could there also be a water all? This time, that's it!


This is Unanda: just a girl.. Here:

To get to the hair and other, just drag the category bar and you can see hair and more.

XD I forget what I think about things a lot. I could say I liked one part of a song and hate that part, after a while I might end up saying the part I hated was my favorite, because I forgot my opinions!

This is Morgan Shaw, obviously a made up character which is exaggeratedly dressed.  She is a voodoo doll her mother was Marry Shaw, but, a voodoo doll because Marry would be able to carry her around. Morgan was to weird for her mother, so after Marry had enough of her, at the age of seven, Morgan's mouth was sown shut, so she couldn't speak. The stitches remained the same until she turned 16, in which her mother died 6 years before, the stitched cracked, and her nose bled from the pain. Her hair was dyed neon-like the day her mother died because she knew she wouldn't have liked it.

Since her mouth was in pain she couldn't speak, which made her an outkast, so she didn't really bother, any more than she cared.