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I love the palette you picked!!

Always super nice to see your little games. You're making progress at such a fast pace

I also submitted tabletop! It would be super cool to have a specific bundle for them, thanks for keeping the possibility opened!

I love the aesthetic!!

Wow I love the concept!!

This could be such a nice complement to the myriad of samurai-style games we already have

Thanks a lot!

hehe this is really fun. I love the graphic style and the music.

I think the orange and red colors are a bit hard to tell apart for me tho

I love the art style!!

good point, I will add this to the description.

It's mostly a tool/system to help you imagine the world and community, by playing scenes. The themes of the scenes are prompted by tokens that you create at the start and then come back later.

there's no dice or stats, all "resolutions" you want will have to be decided by the group.

It's close to collaborative theatre, or collaborative fiction.

I love the art style!! This is so cool


I really love the concept, and I think I'm going to try it.

I'm not a Notion user tho, but I like this archive note. So I made a markdown version to use in Obsidian.

Atm it's just copypasting the content of the note and adding some markdown to bind it together, it took me 15min, but the tables aren't as complete, and there no calendar.

If somebody more into markdown/obsidian than me makes a more complete note, I'd be happy to use the template!

best wishes for the next year