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Pico-8 games are stored as a .png file.

Thanks for playing. 

I had the idea of building your deck as you progressed, however due to the limited time I had to keep the scope small.

As of now the only upgrade is the potions, they give you more cards, or better move distance.

Liked the idea of teaming up to get different benefits.

I think game would benefit from being speed up. Feels like im playing in slow mo

Characters eye animation is very cool!

Finished! nice game took a couple of tries but once i got the dmg boosts I was able to not run out of ammo!

FYI if you get to close to the monsters it wont let you punch

Really nice movement mechanic.

+1 for adding tutorial!

liked the monster sprites!

I had a lot of fun with this one.

liked the different abilities.

Liked the art and playing as the different monsters.

Boss fight was fun!

Liked the mini map

Liked this one a lot, very polished!

Thanks brain, 

You can shuffle your hand by selecting the deck on the right of the screen