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The zine offers various options and supplements for different games, some already popular in the indie scene and other more original ones exploring some less exposed concepts and ideas. Due to this variation in games and styles, it should appeal to different players’ tastes while at the same time promoting games and systems that might not be on their radar. 

The layout graphics fit well in the anti-fascist aesthetics and resemble punk diy zines made on photocopying machines, meaning the whole zine is in the grey color scheme. Some readers may not like it, when compared to other indie RPG zines with flashy illustrations and full color pages, but I appreciate editors’ choice. 

 Of course, the biggest asset of the zine is the theme. Class politics and anti-fascism have their place in roleplaying games, as they have in everyday life. There is a lack of such projects on the market and it would be beneficial (if not crucial) for the future of the hobby to see more issues of it. The receipt is the same as in real life: self-organize, agitate and educate! The direct action is the right tool for anyone wanting to do meaningful impact on their society and community. All the people behind the zine clearly understand that. Postcards from Cable Street is an inspiring and heart-warming exercise in solidarity, volunteering and cooperative work in game design. That’s something not only RPGs need to be more exposed to!  

For more detailed info on content check my review: