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The cover is quite reminiscent of Jacquays' Caverns of Thracia---one of my favorite Judges Guild adventures. I ran it as soon as it came out. Nice work.

Great game! I just bought a printed copy. But ... my v1.03 pdf has some elements in the sidebar table of contents (viewable when open in a pdf reader) that do not correspond to anything in the document. For instance the sub-links, "Weapon" and "Armour" (under Treasure) should probably be be removed and "Magic Item Effect" added instead. Haven't looked at all the sub-links ... maybe when I get more time. Anyway, just fyi. Love the game and keep up the good work.

In the descriptive text above you have: "Runes work as in Spell Friend and Enter, but the tiles must be boned to the object via a material related to the effect." I assume "boned" should be bonded. Haven't looked at this yet, but very interested.

Looks interesting!. But at the moment the BETA0.1.5 RULES SUMMARY.pdf file has 0 bytes and is empty and unopenable. Just fyi ...

Brilliant! Frankly, gaming should always combine social commentary and personal enrichment ... not in a club-you-over-the-head manner, but not so subtle as to be missed either. It requires finesse. Well and timely done.

I've played TTRPGs since the late 70s and TT Miniature Wargames since the early 70s (even created my own in the early 80s) and I must say, this looks very interesting.

Much appreciated ... simple aid---in many cases already in use---nice to have it all laid out and neat and collected in one place!

I will totally understand if you choose not to do it given those reasons, but if I remember correctly Lulu will actually take your print books and distribute to Amazon for you, all you need to do (I think) is make sure to get an ISBN and make certain selections in the admin area.

But, that said, I can't blame anyone for not wanting to go there ;)
I'd just like to be able to support indie game developers and that is the only place I can do it with any regularity but my occasional $$$ will not make or break anyone so it certainly is not worthwhile doing it on my account ... only if you get a goodly number of people asking for it. Thanks for even considering it. That alone is something.

Love the feel of these rules.

+1 on Amazon. I am disabled and without income but I occasionally receive Amazon gift cards for Holidays. So I can't pay for things most places (Lulu, DrivethruRPGs, Itch) but I can occasionally get $tuff on Amazon. And, while I dislike Bezos and Amazon generally, I know some people who work there (Unionize!) that still need to pay their bills so...

@Perplexing Ruins : Nice, I was just about to ask for an Affinity version ;)
@Chaoclypse : Can't wait to get into this. Thanks for sharing!

I was just wishing there was a Mazes QuickStart and lo and behold what to my wondering eyes should appear ... Looks fabulous.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Wonderful! Also ... TrollBabe doesn't get much love (the name doesn't help) ... but it has its brilliance. Nice to hear someone mention it.

Just started reading and saw this: "explores dawn the roles of researches" which should probably read as follows: "explorers don the roles of researchers". Just a heads-up. Cheers!

[ Unless that is all part of the "metajoke" which Classless Kobolds spoke of and my reading of the rules has just not yet progressed far as to allow me to appreciate ;) ]

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You're welcome! Just belatedly got around to giving a rating. Really Great work. Anxiously awaiting the full game.

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Now, why didn't I come up with that name. Kudos! Solid game.

+1 to pages vs spreads

Understood and appreciated.

Oh, I see now, shipping is INCLUDED in the price. That DOES make a difference!

Thanks! That Doctorate in Theology is finally paying off ;) ... seriously though: every writing and composition instructor I ever had said to write what you know.  I used my own particular faith tradition as the model for the base religion and the antinomian offshoot is also based on a real-world mutation of it. Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.

 Thanks for that option, Boxman214! An 80 page  B&W standard paper softcover runs about $5 for printing and binding at DTRPG and about the same through Lulu. That'd be $13.50  with PrintMe1. Would you be willing to speak as to whether the paper quality or binding quality or shipping charges are better? I'm curious as to what might justify the difference in price. But, again, thanks for the option. The more options out there the better. I have several more scholarly works in the pipeline and DTRPG is not really the place for that ;)

Very nice. Looking forward to giving this a whirl at the table.

That should work fine.

Yeah, something like that ... anything that allows all the material people will be creating to be readily accessible by filtering for a single tag ... a tag you could reference on your project page to make it easy for people to get all the goodies without having to spend forever browsing for them. Just a thought.

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Thanks ... but I was really asking about the issue of tags, not submissions. But it is not important.

Is there a specific tag we should use to specify that our project was submitted as an entry for this game jam? Should there be?

A religion and a creature  ... disability permitting ;)

Excellent, I was actually going to ask.

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I ran my first campaign in the summer of 1977 - starting with D&D (Original Edition) and moving on to the Basic Set. After which I played AD&D (1e) for several years, then shifted to Gamma World, Traveller, Tunnels & Trolls, The Fantasy Trip: In the Labyrinth, DragonQuest, RuneQuest, Bushido, Aftermath, Space Opera, Morrow Project, Torg (Classic Edition) and other even lesser known old-school games. Played tournaments at Tex-Cons 1-3. I am married and have three children of which my son plays regularly and my youngest daughter and my wife also occasionally sit in for family games of Munchkin (cardgame), Posthuman (boardgame), and Maximum Apocalypse (boardgame & RPG).

Nice ... I have also used lulu for this purpose in the past (so thanks for covers). But having another option is always a boon.

I would dearly love print copies ... guess I have no choice but to enter the Jam ;)

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Do you realize that each of the three PDFs has the official metadata title of 'Chapter 5 - Magic'?
If all three PDFs are open in a reader that uses the metadata title and not the filename, it is pretty impossible to know what tab to open to find anything ;)
Also, the Monsters Compendium is a whopping 100+ mb for 64 pages. I managed to optimize my copy to about 10mb with little or no reduction in visual acuity.
I'll dip into editing and other feedback when I can get the time.

Nice zine, Logen. Can't wait for issue #2!

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Love HoA - such a well-detailed yet easy-to-pick-up game.
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Would love to see it in hardcopy.

Pretty cool! But a 200-ish MB file for a 40-ish page PDF is pretty extreme. Any chance of some optimization?