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I am glad you added a win state because I did just sit here and hold down my mouse button for 15 minutes until I got 110 of each resources xD

I like the concept for your story. I think this game has a lot of potential. Since it's a clicker, I am a bit confused because right now if I just hold down the left mouse button everything just spawns, so I only have to click once. Honestly though once you get the clicking down, I think you've got your core mechanic. Once you add some more visuals (background, maybe more interesting animations for collecting the items, etc), some upgrade items, and a way to save, I think this game will actually be really good.

Was a very cute game I enjoyed the concept and visuals quite a bit! I wish that the controls felt better, the player slides around too much imo and it would have been nice if you could do a smaller jump by tapping x and a longer jump by holding it. I also think the noise every time you jump gets kind of annoying, maybe a more subtle sound would be good. I really liked the level though it wasn't too hard but also wasn't too easy. Seems like you overall did a great job!

This game is really hard (maybe a little too hard for it being the first level) but fun, personally I'd rather be able to jump over the puddles because switching back and forth was too confusing, and the 2 and 3 keys didn't feel good on my laptop I would've rather it been q and e keys.

Could not get game to work in my browser. Game was not displaying full game unless I pressed fullscreen button but when I did my character dissapeared

was able to figure it out thanks for the change! fun game :)

what is the license for these

I really like the character creation! I will say it was very unclear to me how to get past the second door so maybe adding some hints to the game descriptions? or more controls?

Really cool game idea! I would say the only things I would change are that it sounds like there are 2 songs playing at once and it's kinda overwhelming, and also maybe make the hitboxes on trees a bit smaller so you can walk behind them? I kept getting caught on corners and it was a little annoying.

Seems that the chests are now fixed. Overall great feel I enjoyed the second play as well!

Nice well made game. Will be a hot contender once it's polished :)

Nice game,satisfying sound effects! I had a bug where after I hit a chest the bottom of it would fall through the floor but the top would stay.

I like the player animations that's good stuff.

This was actually pretty fun! 

Classic platformer, well made! If you're open to suggestion, I would add a button to toggle audio on and off, and also decrease the size of the hitboxes for the saws on the second level as I noticed I was dying even though I wasn't actually touching them.

your link is broken