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That has to be the best pirate ive ever seen🏴‍☠️☘️

An exciting &promising project to follow. Had a blast playing Rise of Piracy today :D Johns love for the game shows in his work, well worth your time playing. Definitely recommend checking it out. Excited to watch it grow

High Score!! 418 Invaders : D A leaderboard would be amazing for this game, its fun & challenging each time I played it I wanted to beat my last score really great job (:

Hey Mathieu!! SnowBall Battle has a lot of promise : D i really enjoyed the develog keep up the great work excited to watch it grow

Awesome job on this one Florian, Lisa, Chiro!! Tidy Cauldron is a blast to play (: Everything from the art to the music and gameplay all fit together so well which makes for a nice relaxing enjoyable game great work!!

Thank God for the Mana Shield! haha Fun game (:

Deity's form is a fun roguelike you don't want to miss!

Fun game!!

Excellent entry into LD47!

Go Gary! 

Had a lot of fun playing this

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This game is sick!

Enjoyed this! Loved the art style and had a blast playing this

Tremendous work! I love the style of game you went for , the transitions between 3D & 2D and music all lead to a great experience playing Dimension Tension 💪🎮



Great work!



Had a lot of fun playing this!


Love this!


Had a blast playing this!

Great game i enjoyed playing this! Keep up the great work

Enjoyed this!

Fun game! a leaderboard with this would be great 

Brilliant game! The puzzles are both challenging and rewarding 

Omg was this fun xD  Great entry!

Fantastic entry!

Our favourite game of the GMTK Game Jam 2020!