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Hi there, StratosFear86 here. 5 seconds into the first mission and I was satisfied this game will scratch the itch HAWX failed to, and havent had since Ace Combat 0 on the PS2. The sensation of breaking the sound barrier, flying through the clouds, and pulling G's would have me happy just in free flight mode. The explosions and visuals of enemy aircraft coming apart looks great, the missiles function awesome and the Vulcan in the FA-18 was fun to shoot. The controls and button mapping felt natural and the camera pan is alot smoother than in HAWX which i think makes for a better aircraft model. This is an amazing project with the potential to be one of the best in the arcade jet combat sim genre, now to what I and many other would love to see in the finished version.

Keep the whole gain experience points to level up to earn points to buy tech tree stuff crap far away from this, missions and special circumstances unlock planes, not grinding

Aircraft licenses to use the real names and designations, couldnt imagine alot of trouble with that seeing how nice the two are already portrayed. Would like to see the same with the underwing weapons just for a bit of realism, the damage and performance can all be tweaked for balance. 

A takeoff/ landing sequence with maybe the ability to taxi around on the ground before and after missions and in a free flight mode. 

Realistic cockpits!

Gun exclusive effects, because not every aircraft has a 20mm Vulcan like all the other games make it seem like, I would also like it to be a little harder in a dogfight to get a gun kill. Maybe a gunfighter only mode with the early jet aircraft from the late 40's- the 50's  before missiles became popular?

I would love some stealth fighter/bomber missions where you have to sneak around at night. Would also very much like a night time mission over a city all lit up and a free flight/mission editor mode introduced. Nevada Test Range map would be a blast to fly in with a few of the alleged "black project" aircraft to and maybe a UFO intercept mission? I hope I dont come across as to demanding, just excited to finally see a new title and can already say I'll have no problem with the price for the finished product. Now to go check out the Su-27.

No problems running on my system. Intel i5 6500CPU 3.20GHz 8BG RAM GeForce 1050.