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thank you for the play through!

thanks for playing our game!

Yep, that's fine!

Depends on where you downloaded the application. If it's in the Downloads folder, you will want to open Terminal and type in "cd ~/Downloads/" and then run the command described in the description. Let me know if that helps. 

thank you!

Hello! Thank you for blogging about our game! It's been really insightful, and I'm very grateful you took the time to write up so much about our little game. I'm really happy you enjoyed the ambiance and aesthetic of the game. 

If you're interested in the details, I can provide some background on the game as a project. (This is mostly because you mentioned you were curious but don't feel the need to read this entire wall of text, lol) 

This was a somewhat academic foray into narrative based game development for me. It was me and the artist seeing if we could actually get something done in a month while working our day jobs (also in game development, but in an entirely different genre). 

I chose not to use third party plugins because I wanted to try to build a story system myself. It definitely isn't as polished as if we had used a pre-built solution, but I also wasn't sure how extensible pre-built solutions would be if we decided to add something really off -the-rails, like, I don't know, floating text that runs away from your cursor to reveal different parts of the story. Definitely not something that fits the VN genre, but that was one of the things on my mind at the start of the project. Ultimately too ambitious though LOL. 

I personally wanted to learn 3 things out of the project; how to write custom Unity editor tools, how to build my own story system, and how to use Unity's 2D lighting package to achieve interesting effects. So that was my focus for the project. I can't speak for the artist but I think they mostly focused on creating the character assets. They also did the bulk of the writing. I contributed edits and suggestions. Because neither of us are writers, so there's definitely valid criticism to be made (The first part of the story was written in the very beginning of the game jam, and the after-transition part was written at the end. There definitely is a bit of a disconnect, like you mentioned)

I think for the next project, if it were to be a VN, we would go with a pre-built solution and also try to get a dedicated writer/designer. That being said, doing this game this way definitely allowed me personally to learn a lot that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. 

And that's pretty much how it went down. Thanks again for writing about this game! I think feedback is really eye-opening, and it's always great seeing the little details you put into a game get noticed. 

OH MY GOD!!!! That's awesome!!??! Wow, I'm absolutely speechless. I never thought our little game would get fan art. Thank you so much, I'm sending this to the artist right now. You drew them so cute T___T I love Pudding's expressions in the first and second one, and you even drew the plants at the train station from the start menu!! There's so much personality in each of these, I hope you keep drawing. These are REALLY good! (And don't worry, I can totally understand your English <3)

I'm really glad that some of the game's dialogue touched you. People who've played the game have been telling me that they find the characters surprisingly relatable, and I think it's because some of it was pulled from our own experiences. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic day, wherever you are. Thank you so much, I'm going to cherish this forever. 

Yep there are only three. Thank you so much!! We will get back to it [Soon(tm)] eventually haha

Thank you!

Try following this play through, the romance end is reached near the end of the video!

Here's a few hints if you're still interested

1) Tell him the balloon is a sweet idea

2) Play along when he asks if you're a motivational speaker. Your motivation doesn't come cheap.

3) Be more positive when you go to the Other Side. Say that it's radical!

^////^ Wow!! Thank you!! Love this playthrough, I always love seeing people's reactions when the train goes to the other side xD

Thank you so much <3<3<3

Thank you! I'm glad you recognized the Vancouver references ^_^ 

Just a train ride and talking to a goat to get different endings :p

Thank you!

Wow! Sounds like a fun class. Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! (Also, the creator of #influenced is our friend LOL) Those are some very valid points. Maybe when we have time we will revisit this game and do a sequel :p

Hello! Apple is now stricter with their permissions, meaning you may not be able to run many of the games on I've updated the Mac download for the game and included some additional instructions (in the game's description) for if you run into any "The application ... can't be opened" error. Please try re-downloading the game and running the command, and let me know if that doesn't work. Thank you for playing our game!

Oh hmm... I tried the latest download for Windows on my PC and the music + sound effects seem to work on the train. That's really quite weird. Maybe try re-downloading it, restarting your PC, or turn the volume up a little? There is one scene on the train where the music goes away, but the sound effects should still be there. Regardless, thank you for playing our game!

That's interesting, there should be music and sound effects on the train. May I ask what platform you're playing on?

Thank you! haha

Thank you for your comment!

Wew!! Thank you <3 

I'm the developer, so if you've got any questions you can ask me here.

Thank you!

I'm the programmer! Here's the artist:

I've been showing them all the comments on the page hahahah

We're quite shocked, we just did this project as kind of a throwaway can-we-make-a-game thing. 

Thanks for the play through!


Thank you for the play through! ❤️


thanks! We're astonished at the love this little game is getting haha

Thank you 😊


Thank you!


Now this is a real gamer 😉

Thank you so much!!! We're glad you enjoyed it and yes we love ships! 🙌


Thank you so much! And yes Night in the Woods and Animal Crossing were a source of inspiration for us.