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You can find the solution in my script. Pay attention to the "set_snake_position" function (on line 66) and what happens in the "update" function (on lines 157-163). I hope this helps you.


Yeah. That's all I managed to do. This version is more playable.

Sorry, but I can't do it. HTML build throws many errors.

Very good! The game is addictive :)

Ахах ) Похоже, в этой игре много концовок и я увидел не все. Хорошая игра!

Very difficult game. I like it :)

I really like your game! Well done!

Vary good game, well done!

Разработчик нанороботов сгорел или нет? )

This game is very addictive :) Well done!

Cool physics and 3D. But I couldn't dodge all these boxes :)


Such a crazy rotation speed. I just shot in all directions until rolled off the screen :)

"Отрубите ей голову!” :)
I like the concept.

An interesting idea with lags. I like it :)

Hmmm. The void said "see you in hell" and evaporated.

Very cool!

I collected all the pandas!

This is the new Flappy Bird! Looks simple but very difficult to play.

Unfortunately I couldn't play this game because I don't have an android. But I watched the video and I like the way the game looks. I like minimalism. Well done!

I’m so glad you enjoyed the game! :)
Thanks for your idea with the obstacles. I think the game has the potential and I want to refine it and fix all the bugs.