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I guess there's a mistake in the hits section of the character sheet, it names "Mech" as one of the specialities. That should probably be Merc?

That's actually an excellent question. 

I need to write the conversion guide to existing content ASAP. There are a couple of points that need attention there: first being the Saving Throws that are a "how hard would it be to shake this opponent with this approach". Quite straightforward, but the scale needs to be written out. The second point that needs to be gauged is Armour Class. Whereas many other games have a super powerful AC available to some opponents, in TDB, I probably would be a lot more generous towards the players. Probably not exceeding 19 on any single creature. Combat is deadly, even to the most horrifying of monsters.

Thank you for the praising words! This gives me so much good vibes and energy to keep on creating. ❤