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Strange People Games

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That’s awesome, thanks a lot! 🥳

Thank you, I’m humbled! For the time being, I’d really like to try out another idea, but I get that there is an interest in this game that kind of surprised me. I’m sure I’ll revisit it. :D

Great that it works for you now! Sorry for the issues this has caused. I uploaded version 1.4, which fixes this issue. :)

Could it be that there is a “ “ (space) somewhere in the path where you are trying to run the game from? Maybe that is causing a problem here.

I just uploaded v1.3 - it now has a feature that will create a log file when the game crashes. You will be able to find that log file at “%localappdata%\7DMadRogueKart\crash.log” :)

Oh shoot… I’m sorry you are having a bad experience with the game. :/

I can try to help - do you happen to get an error message or anything? If you do not want to share the details here, feel free to shoot me an email at

Thanks for reporting an issue!

Thank you! Yeah, definitely an area that can be dug deeper into.

More items are already planned for a post-7DRL content update. Thanks for your feedback! :D

Great to see another turn-based racing roguelike! :) I love your idea of every turn being equal to one second.

Thank you for playing it! The issues you ran into have made it into the Update 1.2 as fixes, and I really want to include sfx in a post 7DRL - version. Thanks again for giving it a try!