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how does factory work?

Windows 11. Booting the game through the itch app (probably not relevant).

Workaround was to revert to an older version

Same issue. Newest build seems to have broken it, even with in-game settings and alt-enter.

:) Very glad you liked it


it is if your reset

So the key to your success is that single left arrow at the top, but it's in the worst position of all. You need to find a way to move it somewhere useful

Was it enough?

oh for sure. and there are at least two or three ways to do that, but afaik only one that sets you up to complete the room

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Yeah, that one is painfully chaotic. Once you see into it you'll solve it without much problem, I think. Trying not to give too much away: a key action is getting a piece on the button up top on the left. How can you do that?

btw, have you solved S2? I'd love to trade intel, because I have no idea where to even start with that one. I feel like the corners are important, but I cant find anyway to leverage them or the pusher usefully. I know structures to make a combo piece, but I either can't traverse to them or don't quite have the right environment or pieces to pull them off. I think the key is figuring out how one push from me makes two adjacent objects move in separate directions. Or maybe learning how to use a lift as a catalyst. But all of it seems impossible, and besides are the S's actually teaching new techniques or just showing mastery?

:) Looking forward to it. Not quite there yet, though. Still chewing on S2 and S4

Oh, the final experiment was good fun! And the credits were well done.

For those who follow, don't worry about the game ending like that, you can go back for secrets; it seems to save in the long entry room.

I'm at the final experiment, but it seems to be one-way. Should I have finished the buttons if I don't want to redo the whole game for the secret area?

Nevermind, solved it (After leaving and doing all of B and many secret buttons 😅)
Didn't require extra dexterity after all :)

It's not some exploit like walking in two directions at once, right? I'm playing with swipe controls on my phone; still scratching my head on A-14

Good fun, tricky solutions!

Oh ffs I spent forever trying to get the star thru the top left corner. So blind to the easy solution! 🤦‍♂️

omg finally solved it. took me too long to find the deterministic method for that (and to understand the nuances of the board)

And does that rule apply across zones? Then I keep getting stuck. But if it's only within zones, then I break rule 3. Or, it seems, it means something else

well crafted!

I played when there were two paints, and loved it when I realized it! Maybe that's just me, enjoying the twists

Don't look at the comments before you solve!

Where are you? Where do you want the blocks to end up, and where should your character be for that? How can you move the pieces farther?

😅 yes. All it took was telling someone I was stuck to find the solution.

All it took was a rubber 🦆, then I saw the one trick I was missing!

This one is really getting me. Haven't solved it yet! What am I missing...

omg getting tangled in the caramel was so amusing

must be true then

I'm not sure what to do after unlocking the door. Seems stuck. Is there an end game other than starting in the room again?

beautiful. put on headphones, turn them up, then move around the space. see what it feels like to watch from as far as you can. look into space. look into the center white and let it wash over you

This game started rough and felt uninspired... and then, somehow, somewhere, it blossomed. It leaned into the weird, the sublime, and the vast. The text prepped me to think and feel, and then I was exploring something incomprehensible, left to my own imagination and emotions.

perhaps my favorite experience so far. thank you for creating this little playground


wonderful art and concept

beautiful. nice procgen