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must be true then

I'm not sure what to do after unlocking the door. Seems stuck. Is there an end game other than starting in the room again?

beautiful. put on headphones, turn them up, then move around the space. see what it feels like to watch from as far as you can. look into space. look into the center white and let it wash over you

This game started rough and felt uninspired... and then, somehow, somewhere, it blossomed. It leaned into the weird, the sublime, and the vast. The text prepped me to think and feel, and then I was exploring something incomprehensible, left to my own imagination and emotions.

perhaps my favorite experience so far. thank you for creating this little playground


wonderful art and concept

beautiful. nice procgen


cannot figure out how to break the meteor

slowly going crazy

I'll do more sales, for sure, but more in step with the prices on Steam. Looks like there were a bunch of autorejected payment issues here on itch I have to resolve anyway before I should try another sale

yeah, same thing

I'm having a bit of an issue clearing out old buildings and cancelling constructions. Does "D" not actually work, or am I missing something?

Really enjoying the ambiance and aesthetic :)

Cool, glad I'm not crazy over here!

You don't need that key to finish the game, iirc. It unlocks another boss (who is probably the hardest in the game, but is easy to cheese)

Tomben (sp?) is off to the lower right of the original nest, (SPOILER:) hidden behind a copse of trees at a dead-end nest

I thought maybe increased stamina drain or movement speed vs. size, but I can't tell for sure. Anybody know? Are they just aesthetic?

After a few minutes of play, the audio consistently crashes on me. No music, no SFX, nothing. It works again (for a few minutes) if I reboot the game.

When you first arrive at the forest, it's your chance to explore and find items like the Crown, the Ring, and the Dagger. If you move deeper into the forest, you're on the treadmill to the endgame.