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Pretty Good, especially for a first attempt. On that note I did not actually beat the game because I was running out of time. Perhaps a sort of checkpoint system would improve it, and not make it any less scary at least until you know about the checkpoints.

Pretty darn good for a first game! Took me four tries to get the actual ending of the game but I am blind and an idiot so that is likely on me.

That was a quality good ending!

Good game. Very red. I picked this one because the title is funny.

Very clever twist!

I will never grow tired of this art style. Loved the game!

Love mispronouncing things. Good game, by the way. Got the bad ending twice so I was a little annoyed by the time I did get the good ending, but that is almost entirely on me. Haha

I somehow didn't notice there was a button to kick, but I still had fun!

No need to apologize. It is a good first attempt and you will only get better with experience. Keep up the good work!

Not bad for a first game! Opening music is actually a bop but only plays in one ear. I have somehow already forgot which.

Good music and atmosphere! Missed the jumpscare tho.

I somehow didn't notice you could play with PSX effects. Which I would much rather have done.

The whole demo gives off Chibi Robo vibes. In all seriousness it is a fun little demo. I am curious as to where you are going with it.

Just finished playing this game and recording it. Look forward to seeing where you are going with it! Commenting now because by the time the video goes live there will probably be others on it. Haha

Pretty good good as far as first games go. The decor of this house is baffling tho. Haha

I wonder how long it took to build such a large underground structure.

Love the atmosphere. Would likely be much scarier were I afraid of dolls, but it has good pacing especially for a demo. Did get lost but that is probably because I was not paying attention. Haha

Fun little experience. I wonder if the good end is so short that even folks who only get one ending are encouraged to look for the second ending. Will watch other videos on this game.

Would not say this is a scary game. But it is a neat one.

I am actually still not sure if I got all six endings or I missed one. Meant to check in editing but did not.

I want a dog but my landlord says no. This is almost as good. Our time together was short but memorable.

According to my calculations, we'll be home in no time!

The heavy breathing was fine but you could hear where the audio looped and it was a bit jarring. Other than that the two horror beats were so loud I had to reduce the audio by 20 decibels for the video.

Not bad for what seems to be a first attempt. Could use a bit of work on the audio side of things but as a show don't tell sort of story it works. On that none my ears are bleeding. Haha

Pretty good for a first game! I got lost for a while but that was almost entirely on me.

Got very lost in the middle there. 10/10 would microwave the hat man.

I liked the part where the cop got eaten. 11 out of 10.

Turns out I do not know anything about SCP.

Life is short, flood the bathroom.

Lot of fun, would be better if we could flush the toilet tho.

Really good atmosphere. Would love to live somewhere that dark at 14:20.

Was a ton of fun. Appreciate the simple puzzles as I have let's player brain. But the game in a game angle was great.

Short and amusing. Got all endings.

Plenty of fun but the blinking began to drive me a little mad. 10/10

Plenty of fun. Felt like it should contain more than one ending but it was made in under 28 hours. Unless it does contain more than one ending, in which case, woops. Haha
Will have to check out some of your more serious games.

Love the atmosphere but I would be lying if I said I understood the jumpscare. Also I fell into the void. 10/10

Love the atmosphere but Little Jimmy's parents should get a refund on that camera. I get it is all from the late 90s but that camera is awful. Haha

Great atmosphere but that is clearly the crimson, not the corruption. /j

Honestly, Holly is the real villain of this story. Cannot even wash your hands after fishing the key from the toilet. Gross stuff. Haha