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I Played one of the previous games And this was just as good even better. Story to this really makes you wonder, and curious about the other ends. loved it

Finding the Three Endings was really enjoyable, I really had fun playing this. The Sound Of customers arriving scared me. 

PRETTY GOOD. I really enjoyed the game unfortunately I don't speak Spanish.

Pretty fun to play even for a short game. though should improve the jumpcare.

I loved this game. visually awsome, I was feeling chills the whole time, while I still don't understand how this can be a demo DAMN. really enjoyed 

Short But does still get you. I enjoyed this.

I'll play the second soon, the first really was good even for a short game. Keep working hard.

When a game is made like Inception, just brakes the fear out. This was pretty good, love how the environment is used to bring out more fear.

I LOVED THIS GAME. When the concept of inception comes into play it is always good. 

There is much to learn and enjoy from a peaceful game, that all you need to do is grind. I loved it could be more but as I say peaceful.

I was already losing it just coming to visit, now she was not there how dare she. I really enjoy the game, I was trying to throw hands but got bodied instead.

Second Game 



A little confused but was fun to play.


Loved it, short but good still got that scare though.

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SHORT BUT SWEET. I loved it EVEN though Mannequins scare the hell out of me it was awesome let me know if you have more next time.

I loved it, I did think it would be scarier. I was still terrified the whole time. 


Loved your game. I still don't understand how I got scared but I did. 

UNEXPECTED RELEASE. Well done on this game, it was a little tense to play but still survived.

This was a pretty well-crafted game even for how short is was. Enjoyed the endings.

This Ended In a way I didn't expect. So I enjoyed it a lot.

This Game Had a Lot more to it I'm Sure. There is a guarantee that you could make a second game based on the truth behind why Gale was chosen and what was meant to be left in the past. Truly loved the story

I loved this top-tier story. I'm hyped for chapter 2.

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I really thought thing will be scary, but in stead I just got massive chills. If this game was about you I hope you  can over come.

Third game in SPOOKY 3 GAMES

Definitely death drips, mind went blank for a sec thing funny though.

second game in SPOOKY 3 GAMES

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This was incredible. Even for a point-and-click game, this got me terrified thinking was in the next room. I won't forget this, so will you be making any more points and click more? 

I must say this game is something else. Truly top tie, I love this so much. you hit all the emotional points making me almost cry. keep up this quality of work.

Some how It was pretty enjoyable to play, even rusty bowling. 

I LOVED THE LEVEL OF QUALITY. If this was made in a week damn. Bruh keep making games.

WHen Minecraft is made to be horror.

A slow but, interesting game. 

I loved this short game. Still can't understand how it found that image. really enjoyable

second game in video 

Bloody hell, I Don't understand how this scared me but it did. loved your game. 

It was the Third game in video

It was a really fun, short game that was played. although it could have been scarier. 

First game

This was short And well done. It got both my heart and blood going just from this short experience. Loved it.


BRUH this game teaches you not to Talk to strangers. I loved playing this game keep this going.

Loved this short game, lets's go with the voicing it was just like my boss talking to me. 

I would Like to play you game for my channel. Let me know when its done the video of it looks amazing

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Was really enjoyable. Even though it's short I loved the story, still don't understand how I got so scared.

I was Tense Just walking around. MInd slightly started to panic when He was chasing me. I still Had alot of fun play this.