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When he started chasing me I got Hella terrified, I was tensing so hard.

I didn't expect the scare factor to be so high just walking around but it was. Really enjoy it

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I Got smooched alright. That was a fun game, very much enjoyed so please make more.

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I can not believe how terrified I was just walking around, after the first jumpscare I got even more scared. Loved your game top quality work.


Really loved this game just wanted 1 or 2 more jumpscares. Although the game was still Terrifying with the way it was made. 

I expected to just walk around waiting for a bus, but the atmosphere feel of the game was so much for me to handle. Even waiting next to that guy bruh loved this game.

The game was incredible considering how short it was. Please play it 

Enjoyed this game. The narrative was unsettling which is the best. 

This was more of a peaceful game than I thought and I loved it. I didn't expect spirits to say "sup" and "yo" was so funny. Thanks for this original beyond-death game.

This gave me a bit of a scare once he started chasing me for real. I enjoyed this short horror and got scared to the bone. 

No problem loved it. If you have any other games let me know.

This game had a whole different vibe to it, bringing in a different way to feel. When that music came in there was no longer the vibe of unsettling worry, instead, there was the feeling of death. I did enjoy this game.

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The fact it was so quiet when I was walking around made me scared, the unexpected ending really got me though.Really did enjoy.

 I really loved this game it was short and a very unexpected jumpscare got me. Please make more Horror games and let me know, I want to play more of your games.
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when I saw the game I knew I wanted to play it. 

The funny part was since I sit and watch tv, I didn't think I would get scared, I was so wrong. Well done game creators.

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I found the game searching for horror. When I played it I felt like I was really there no 'cap' believe me when I say I forgot that it was a game.

Really love it, for a fast loveable horror game.

I saw someone else play this then try this for my self it felt completely different playing and I still got scared. Amazing game keep making such games I love it.

I loved your game coming in thinking it's gonna be another short horror, when I finished I almost started to cry saying good-by. well done