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I bought these graphics and from some other artists, they help tremendously for my Fire Emblem hybrid game I'm working on! Check it out if you want:

Roughly 2 months ago I bought your assets and from other artists, my game is slowly taking shape! I did actually go after what I said, I'm making some kind of Fire Emblem hybrid! Check it out if you'd like:

That's pretty good then! I imagine for a game like this there would be an "in battle" screen, so attacking left and right is no problem haha

Do you have plans to do in battle animations as well? Probably would be very difficult I'd imagine...

Hi! Are the vehicles in all 4 directions when they move? Or just left right "side" animation?

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Just bought the whole Black Friday bundle! I am working on a Fire Emblem like game and I desperately needed "in battle" character animations, your characters you created are really awesome and consistent in the style so they fit well together! :D

These look really, really good! I'm actually working on something like Fire Emblem and need battle backgrounds, and I guess I'll need to echo what the others asked for: town, castle and interior castle / dungeon backgrounds. Your style is really great though!

I'm getting really nice Elder Scrolls vibes! I could also imagine this music being used in a space exploration game, walking on some planet's surface :)
Very good quality!

Umm your music sounds more like Donkey Kong Country than "fighting battle" music :)

Awesome work! I could imagine these and your others also in a Fire Emblem-like game! Keep up the excellent work :D

Man your work is amazing!
If you ever update this, would it be possible for a horse? I could imagine then developers taking the armies characters and making them ride the horse through photoshop or whatever
Keep up the awesome work!

LOL nice one

I'd just like to say that this is an amazing, high quality amount of work! Absolutely gorgeous sprites and animations! :)

Could I ask, if you have time in the future, maybe can you add like just 2 things: the first like a rowboat/ship/submarine, the second maybe a windmill? I really appreciate what you've done so far! Keep up the awesome work!

I could almost imagine something like this as a Netflix show lol
Nice game

Reminds me of Dragon Warrior 3 on GBC :)

Yeah March of the Black Queen, got the same feeling! :)

Cool, thanks :)

Hi! Are the weapon attacks in all directions?

Looks f%^&ing good dude

Hi Pita, great art! Do you plan for the future to create more humans, like an archer or mage characters? Keep up the awesome work!