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Heheh, in all seriousness though, with my job eating up most of my time now, it’s been a bit hard getting the project moving, and considering I want to make sure the entire beach event is completed in the next demo, it’s in the process of being worked on. Adding to the delays are the fact that the beach will be handled quite differently from the original game.

However, let me assure you that work is still progressing, if just a bit slower than I would have liked.

Again, the glasses are something we adapted from the early concept art. Given the direction they (the OG team) shifted, I can see why it’s a bit jarring, but it plays into his story. I actually have something planned for Shun, so stay tuned.

As for his hood, he mostly wears it down. He brings it up when the sun is shining down directly on him. It’s sort of a hat for him. He will also rarely bring it up when he’s embarrassed, but don’t worry. Most of the time, his hood will be down.

Short answer: No

Long answer: Shun's redesign is based on early concept design from the original game, in which he was meant to have a more gamer-esque look, until it was decided to make him more of a shota-themed route. That being said, while some of his sprites may receive small adjustments in the future, his design is pretty much set. Do also bear in mind that there are hardly any sprite expressions at the moment, and as the project progresses, there will be more. Also, take into account that his story will be vastly adjusted from his original. With that in mind, we won't be budging when it comes to Shun's new design.

Kouya's redesign has been probably the most polarizing out of them all, and while I can appreciate that many have a certain fondness for him, please try and understand, we actually have reasons for this. I can't reveal them, because that could spoil some elements of his story, which is something I don't intend to do. That said, we do actually already have an alternate outfit for him, which has received great reception from those who have already seen it.

Ten’s route was meant as an example of what a fan route could be like if one put the time in.

I won’t be adding the route itself to Homecoming, but I will be recycling a majority of what I wrote in that route and bring it into Homecoming.

As a matter of fact, when it's completed, we're probably gonna be looking for translators for alternate languages. Given that the original Morenatsu was Japanese, it's actually one of the first languages I'm hoping to have it translated into.

Ooh, sorry to hear that. I hate when things like that happen.

It’s because of some antivirus programs being overzealous with their protection protocols. Because Renpy uses Python code, it gets flagged as malicious. 

We understand this is annoying, but the fault lies with your antivirus.

If you’re talking about the non-Homecoming version, then yes, it’s not being worked on anymore.

However, Homecoming is still being worked on. I’ve actually just started a new job, so I’ve been busy with that, but the moment I get some free time, I’ll be jumping into more Homecoming development. Demo 6 will be the beginning of Act 2, as well as whatever we get done. This development cycle will likely be slow as well, but rest assured I am devoted to continuing on it when I can.

Such a feature is already being planned, though at the moment, it’s low priority.

Okay, here we go again. It's time for Frostclaw to explain a few things that already have obvious answers.

First: The decision to change Hiroyuki from a human to a different species is something that was agreed upon by the entire team. Originally, I was the most vocal opponent to this, and was arguing the same thing that everyone else who is currently opposed to this change. However, as has been stated many a time, and even given a more well-rounded explanation by Korikali (thanks, by the way :3), this decision basically stemmed from the fact that humans are considered the rarity, and it somewhat lessened the impact of the romance to be more akin to "I love Hiroyuki, because he is the token human, and I must protect him because he's so fragile", etc. Additionally, we decided that a fox best represented Hiroyuki due to his somewhat scatterbrained behaviour at times, but ultimately, I suggested an arctic fox, so we could still keep a semblance of rarity, and it also factored into the slight name adjustment (as far as the kanji goes). In the original game, his name was spelled 博行 (to go and gain/obtain), while we have opted to use 浩雪 (prosperous snow), which is a hint at his white coloured fur, and that his presence is actually important. We understand that many people were drawn in by the main character being human, since it allowed them to self-project, but since Hiroyuki actually has a proper personality and origin in this universe, it no longer would be suitable. As such, we will not be changing him back to a human, nor will we be adding a feature to toggle a species change.

Second: The art always is one of the most common areas of criticism, which is starting to grow old very quickly. We have stated in the beginning of the game that all assets are subject to change, and may not represent the final product. A similar disclaimer is also on the project page. Now, as far as Kouya goes, people need to take into account something very important. In the original game, Kouya looked rather healthy for someone who was living on his own, and struggling financially. This is very disparate, and is something we decided needed to be changed. Now, Kouya's new style is actually much different from the original, and even the first set of Homecoming sprite designs, and this is meant to reflect for Kouya's struggling situation. Yes, he is darker. Yes, his default sprite looks a bit confronting. However, his personality comes through, and it is what has attracted people to him. As for the reason he's not on the cover art on the main site, it's quite simple. I couldn't fit him on there. If I could, I'd have put everyone on there, but instead, I was focusing more on the people who had received the most content this demo. I personally think Nova has done an excellent job with his design of Kouya, and am looking forward to seeing all the future updates from him.

Third: Original assets are meant as placeholders. Characters like Botan, Nanafuse, Yukiharu, etc. will be receiving updated assets once we get to them. For the time being, we are keeping their default sprites so that something is loaded when necessary. As jarring as it is, we felt it was more desirable than staring at nothing. The characters who have no assets at all are either characters who had no assets in the original (such as Hiroyuki's family, Pops, Yukino, etc.) or are characters who were introduced in Homecoming (such as Sayu and Kazushi Mikazuki), but they will be given assets later down the track. As will characters who are using their old, original assets.

Finally, I would just like to state, first and foremost, NONE of us on the development team use a fox as a fursona at all. To reaffirm what I mentioned earlier, the choice for a fox was largely due to his personality. His sometimes childish behaviour is meant to be seen as a callback to his life in Minasato before he had to move away. Psychologically speaking, it makes perfect sense for him to express great excitement and silliness. Hell, I'm 34 at the time of this post, and even I can sometimes let my childish side show, especially when I'm excited or nostalgic. His flashes of childish mannerisms also factors into our decision to make him a fox.

To say that we NEED to change one of our design choices is a testament to the toxicity that is unfortunately prevalent in any fanbase. We do not need to do anything of the sort. If you can't accept something that has been in place for almost a year, that's your decision, and your privilege. There are other projects out there that will likely cater to what you're seeking. However, if you still intend on giving this project a chance, please try and understand what has been outlined here, especially about everything still being a work-in-progress.

That's actually how it was handled in the original. He wasn't really at the original, except the photo where he was clinging onto Torahiko, who was terrified. However, that was shown afterwards.

The whole point of how we're handling it is that the characters are acting like he was always with them. It's meant to imply something deeper. Moreso in Shun's story, considering his appearances in both Kounosuke and Torahiko's follow-up is more subdued.

Nanafuse had a small role in the original, as a cheeky, but good-natured spirit. He has a bigger role in Homecoming, though that’s all I’m divulging about him.

The primary reason we aren’t using the original sprites can be summed up as follows:

  • None of us are Shamoji.
  • There are additional characters whom had no sprites.
  • There were inconsistencies with the original, such as many characters looking far older than the age they are portrayed as, or having the wrong body type.
  • The CGs all need to be redone from scratch, given that Hiroyuki is now a snow fox.
  • Some characters (Kyouji specifically) don’t have a finished sprite set.

In the long run, it was only logical for us to ditch the original sprites. As far as the look of our sprites goes, please pay great attention to the disclaimer that appears whenever you launch the game. Specifically the one that states the game is still in an early stage of development and assets are subject to change. This includes the sprites.

No, it’s nowhere near finished. Only act 1 is complete, and the game is split into 4 acts, each comprised of several days.

Heheh, yeah, sounds like a conflict with earlier save information then, something I posted a possible fix for. :)

At any rate, glad it's working as intended for you now.

Follow these instructions, and the errors should no longer plague you.

It might be recognising saves and persistent flags from the previous version.

I’m only wondering because I downloaded the file onto my boyfriend’s computer, and he never had it before, so there was no data to pick up.

I thought I had accounted for that, since I programmed the save folder with a different name.

Can you give me a rundown of the exact options you chose? Because I haven’t yet been able to duplicate it.

lol you’re fine. It’s just something that you need to look for, and some settings may not be as obvious as others.

Heheh, you might scream louder with this info: It’s been an option since Demo 2.

(1 edit)

Did you use a save from a previous build? Because that flag is defined in the main script, and generally, you wouldn't get an undefined flag error unless you had loaded a save that was made before such a flag existed in the game's code.

No, Ten will not be receiving a route, but I will be recycling things from the route I wrote for him back in Revisited.

As a matter of fact, there will likely be an update within the next few days.

Heheh, you’ll just have to wait and see. ;)

Hey, glad you're enjoying the project so far.

We're actually seeing a lot of interest towards Shun and Soutarou, and it's awesome to know that they're getting a bigger fan base, Tarou in particular.

To answer your queries:

1. Yes. Much like the original game and by extension, Revisited, once the camping trip is over, and act 3 begins, that's when you will start primarily focusing on the character you are pursuing. Other characters will still make appearances, so as to make it a little more authentic, and as to not completely isolate from everyone else, but it will be focused mainly on the character you have built the most rapport with.

2. At this time, there are no plans for other dateable characters. It is highly unlikely that they will be given romance opportunities for Hiroyuki.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Homecoming!

Hi, there! Glad to hear that you're enjoying what we've put together so far. It's such an honor that you consider this to be up there with the greats, especially given that they're all Patreon projects, and this project is produced without any financial gain.

Your concerns are noted, and I will respond to them as best I can. :)

1) Yes, all routes will be formatted in such a way that you will interact with multiple characters in the course of a single day. Unlike the original (and Revisited), where you could only interact with one given character per day, we elected to go for a more realistic approach. As someone on his summer vacation, it made more sense to have Hiroyuki do much more per day. Do bear in mind that some selections will render others unviewable, since some events will happen at the same time. However, it is our intention to give a much larger sense of choice.

2) The backbone of the programming is still under a lot of adjustment, so as time progresses, you can be rest assured that we will eventually have a more fleshed out system in place. This includes the save screen.

3) Given that Santa Lucia has priority focus (due to being a Patreon project), this can impact the time frame in which content can be released. Additionally, real life circumstances have contributed to delays. However, the reason the next release has been taking a while is because I have been wanting to get all of Act 1 completed, which involves not only writing content for the characters which previously didn't have anything, but also making extensive adjustments as required. I also have needed to compare what was in Revisited to how we intend to portray events in Homecoming, since quite a bit of Revisited content has become redundant, and requires rewrites, sometimes from scratch. Also, being in a much different timezone to the rest of the Stormsinger team doesn't exactly make things any easier. <.<

4) As a matter of fact, these are likely to be things that will be implemented in the later acts, similar to how the choice of meat topping is shown if Hiroyuki chooses to sit with Kyouji and Soutarou at the Raimon Welcoming Party, so look forward to those sometime in the future.

5) Due to how the story has been changed for Homecoming, all artwork and narrative will only be of Hiroyuki as a fox. This is because we have established him as the main character, and not as a self-insert. Yes, he is canonically a snow fox in the Homecoming universe, however we do encourage fanart/fanfiction of our interpretation of the Morenatsu universe, regardless of Hiroyuki's species.

6) Although the event replay is going to be worked on much later in the development cycle, I do actually plan to have the more important romantic scenes be playable (provided you unlock them, of course). But again, the galleries are most likely going to be done much further down the road.

I hope I provided the answers you seek, and if you need any more clarification, feel free to drop me a line.

We hope you continue to enjoy Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~!

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I'd just like to say that many of the sprites are still being worked on, and are of course, subject to change. However, we will not be including the original sprites, for a few reasons. First, we have added new characters of whom will require their own sprites, but never previously existed to have sprites aside from Homecoming. Second, because of how some of the characters have been updated (and have been in dire need of updates), this affects their design. The original sprites would not reflect the changes to the updated personalities and background. Additionally, due to the way sprites are called, the original sprites would require extensive editing to enable them to conform to the new display method.

 We acknowledge that things look a tad strange if you take into account what the characters looked like in their original source material. However, we have also stated time and again that this project is still a work in progress, and may not reflect what the finished product will look like.

I do have both. Twitter is @gcnofficial. Discord is Frostclaw#0548.

I'll just pop this here from Dzahn's FA page:

I've been pretty apprehensive about the species change (and writing out humans in general) because I knew it would be hands down the most controversial aspect of the game. So far it's been very polarized, which I expected, but I've also seen plenty of people come around to the idea as the days progress.

I wanted to remove humans from the setting because it does two things for me: It makes worldbuilding easier with not having to explain why a vastly inferior species (humans, as written in the OG) are able to coexist with superpowered beastmen (allowing me to better justify reasons why these characters would love Hiroyuki in the first place), and the concept of "if everyone is furry, nobody is", which is to say that it's up to the reader to interpret everyone the way they wish. If you want to see the characters as abstracted humans, then you're more than able to. If you want to see them as humanoid representations of their species, you're more than welcome to as well.

In short, I made the decision to remove humans from the setting because I believe it gives me more room to write interesting characters and scenarios. It provides a different perspective on things that the original game didn't have, and I believe that's reason enough to justify the change. Keep in mind, Homecoming is a "remake" and not everything is going to be (or even intends to be) exactly the way it was in the source material.

== Additional response from Frostclaw: One of the biggest things people tend to ask is "Why an arctic fox?" and though Dzahn answered the reason we made him a kemono, it wasn't exactly stated why we made him an arctic fox in particular. The truth is, we were looking for a species that wasn't represented as much in Morenatsu. Ultimately, fox was chosen, which seemed to go well, as foxes generally tend to be cute, albeit rather silly. Given that it went with Hiroyuki's personality, it just seemed to fit. However, the suggestion to make him an arctic fox was mine, for a few reasons:

1. The yuki portion of his name. Yuki, as some people may or may not be aware, is Japanese for snow.
2. Arctic foxes are an uncommon sight in Japan (though you can see a few at Zao Fox Village). They aren't native to the region.
3. Hiroyuki is extremely sensitive to the heat. Since arctic foxes have a thicker coat of fur, it fits well to make Hiroyuki an arctic fox.

As it stands, Hiroyuki is a set species, and there are no plans to allow for a species change (as that would require intensive programming and rewrites of story elements). Additionally, his kitsune heritage also will be playing an important part to the story. I can't say much about it now, but please look forward to it sometime in the future.

Hey, what's up?

When the $1800 Patreon stretch goal is reached, Zach will get a route.

Actually, because this next update is going to be focusing on completing Act 1, we don't have an ETA for its release.

However, with that said, we're trying to get it done quickly, while ensuring content quality is maintained.

Heheh, pretty sure I have an idea. A lot of people (myself included), were able to invest a great deal of emotion in the game. I think it's safe to say that many of us would not be who we are today without our journeys to Minasato, so I can appreciate the apprehension that some will have, especially considering we've changed the formula a little.

At any rate, you're most welcome, and I hope that we can provide you with a project you can cherish for many more years to come.

I understand where you're coming from, though again, I wish to alleviate your fears. Morenatsu, in its original form, was quite a sausage fest. There were very few female characters represented (due in no small part to Gamma's overt sexism towards women). We wish to correct this by at least showing a few female characters. However, while Kouya may talk about having been with women (which was alluded to in the original game anyway, though not actually known if it was a cover story), and Kyouji and Sayu did once have a relationship, all of the husbandos are romance options.

As a gay man myself, while I am uncomfortable seeing straight content, especially in a sexual perspective (there are actually straight furries, I know it's a shock, heheh), I still acknowledge that we can't have all characters being flaming homosexuals. We do need to address that there are other possibilities in life.

Again, I would like to reiterate, there are no female romance options available in Homecoming, nor will there ever be. We will still be presenting the delicious, gay beastman action that you all (myself included) crave. There will just be mentions of women (usually as a cover story). However, as time passes, and the characters become more accepting of their own homosexuality, it won't seem as prominent (which even now, it really isn't).

Hi there! Glad you're happy that Morenatsu is being continued in some way, shape, or form.

In response to your criticisms:

  • The art is still subject to change, and will likely be adjusted as time goes by.
  • While we acknowledge that this is a gay visual novel, please do take into account that Japan, while seeming a little better regarding homosexuality, is still a largely conservative society, and envisions normal relationships as being male/female. In addition, the added anxiety of wondering how people will react only serves to keep them somewhat closeted. In fact, before I came out, I was much the same, and pretended to like girls. We want to add an air of authenticity to this project.

We hope to alleviate your concerns as we continue to make progress.

It's completely up to you whether or not you provide feedback about this update, and if so, just how extensive said feedback may or may not be.

That being said, we do appreciate the feedback we receive, as it can provide us an insight into how people perceive what we're doing.

Try removing that version first.

Thank you for your support! Glad you enjoyed it. :)