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Can you use the application winebottler? I have used that to play many games such as Ib, The Witch's House, Alice Mare, etc that are only available on Windows.

Thanks! I'm totally going to try this soon then ^^

I've never played Danganronpa... is it still alright to play this?

Thank you!

I have a question sorry, will there be a recommended route order for the full version?

Ahh I'm so excited! >~<

Happy birthday! >~<

Ahh I'm so excited! It looks so beautiful >~<

I don't normally comment, but this was just so sweet and fun to play I just had to. I've never played D&D or anything similar to it, but it really makes me want to. Thank you for this!

This is so cute! I really enjoyed playing this, and it's so pretty >~<