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Thanks for the vid. Enjoyed it.

Thanks! Great job on the video. It's a shame the main thing to get the gamed started, namely wheat seeds, is so difficult to find. I agree. It's a really neat idea.

I thought the tip said said use number keys to build? I tried the number keypad and the numbers on the top of keyboard as well as these same with the ctrl, shift and alt keys and also F1, F2. Nothing gets me out of get mode. i don't understand.

Other than that it looks great and its such a relief to not have to fight all the time just to gather stuff. Thanks!

I don't get it. After the text came up and passed the screen just said Select Level with a circled pic of a fox. But there was nothing to click on. I don't know what I'm supposed to do other than just delete the game. So i did.

Thank you! I'll try that! Great job on the game by the way.

update - I can save now so very cool. but sometimes when I equip the axe and click on trees I do not get an option to chop them. All I can do is set up camp. Am I doing something wrong?

How do I send in a contribution?

I just started the story but love it so far.

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How do I support the developer?

very cool and relaxing game.

Game looks really cool and I like turn based but I just started first game yesterday and went into adventure mode instead of story mode. I don't get it. I just sailed around the map in all directions and there's nothing but water. It's that difficult to find land? right out of the gate? So I started a story mode game. That was cool except when I went to leave I did not see a way to save the progress. I guess it doesn't autosave bc I have no game to load up now. I would have to start over. As I said, I don't get it. Any suggestions?