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i have found a six leaf and a 8 leaf clover, I am loving this game rn

I have always loved looking through clover patches, i found a five leave in this game and now im going to see if i can find a 6 leaf

wish I had a map tbh

why in description its in English but in game in is not English?

It would be cool if you could make egg sacks ad have baby spiders in your web


RIP flash

is level 35 to 36 the level you get the red fish at?

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I GOT THE RED FISH OMG I am not fast enough to scare it sadly tho (If you cant see the level its 36)

finished the game 100% in 6 mins about

i don't know if its just me, but i cant seem to figure out how to move my camera other than zooming in and out

I wonder what species this spider we play as is,  it looks a lot like a peppered jumping spider.

Here are some spider games I have found:

hope this helps!

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one thing that would make this even better, the ability to make webs you can crawl on. I just love spider games that you can make webs in tbh.  but other than that, I love this game,

it would be cool if you could change what kind of jumping spider you looked lik

i got the hobby CREATING DEMENSIONAL TEARS and now it happens for evertything i generate lo


loved this concept, cant wait to see what you could make!

i like that the music changes the more upgrades you get, really adds to the game.

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it would be cool if you slowly got bigger the more you ate, unless it does get bigger and im not noticing, lol

Loved it!