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Hey, after checking them out they do not have a public API so I can't add them officially, sorry!

Thanks! I'll take a note of these.

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I haven't written proper documentation yet but you should be able to get something working without it.

Before you write code you need to learn how the website you want to add's API works. If it's a booru then they are all fairly similar. All boorus have a wiki/help section with information on how their API works.

Inside Zenith Grabber's "resources\website_handlers" folder contains each website's module. They're all pretty similar,  just duplicate one (Danbooru might be the best to start from).

Firstly, two classes are created: UriOptions and WebsiteHandler; you can find some small documentation comments about them in the "resources\modules" folder to understand what they're doing. (Note: you don't need to supply the "unwanted_tags" part of UriOptions)

The only other thing in the file is the GetPosts function which is what turns the JSON or  XML web response into an array of Posts. This part is quite simple long as you understand how the API you're accessing works. Make a request to the API in your browser and see how the JSON/XML is formatted so you know what to write here.

Not sure what you mean by this, could you elaborate?

Basically the same level of progress as before. Still busy with work sadly.

Of course - it's not really my job to tell you if you can or can't, so go ahead! I'd only ask that you use a name that doesn't involve "grabber".

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

  • As for stuff not loading, it's probably due to some file types being incompatible with what was used to create the program (untested but it's most likely the .webp format). Videos are also not currently supported - but the next update does have video support planned.
  • You can already download everything; in the settings menu, there is an "auto-select posts" option which will automatically select all posts that get loaded so you can quickly download them. If you mean something other than this then I'd need a bit more information on how it'd look and work, as it would need to be able to fit into the UI without being weird/confusing.
  • I will make a note to optimize the downloading process so that doesn't crash again, sorry about that!

Hmm, what about a process manager? Like taskbar but better.

A LOT. I started making Zenith Grabber in May of 2021, I was working on it on and off until releasing it in beta in September--and that was already over a year ago. I've probably spent roughly 300+ hours actively developing it. For such a small program, it's actually quite a  gigantic project!

Also, I'm stealing your idea of having the screenshots scale when you hover over them!!

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I use GameMaker, which obviously your first thought is like "wait, what??"
Don't use GameMaker. They have ZERO UI support. Everything was written 100% from scratch for Zenith Grabber. That includes even basic stuff like positioning, scaling for multiple resolutions, mouse interaction, drawing to the screen, all of it. 99% of the code is just getting the UI to work. They also don't let you do a lot of cool things with your code and I'm often really restricted in what I can do. In hindsight I wouldn't have used GameMaker if I had known the uses I wanted out of Zenith Grabber; it's just too far into development that I can't switch now.

I see you're pretty good with C# so if you do want to go down the from-scratch approach that I use (which is important if you want really nice and dynamic UI) then I recommend Raylib-cs. It's the same sorta deal, but with a language that isn't terrible.

I love the colors and the Itch page, I can't comment on all the features since honestly all I would have a use for is the password generator, but overall I'm surprised at how quickly you got all of that together lol

Good point, I'm planning on re-writing it so I'll probably add it when I do that.

Yep, exactly!

It's pretty cool! My only problem is maybe you should separate stuff into tabs or something--instead of having it all there at once on a really tall window?

Hey, this is what I've currently got lined up. It might not all get added in a single update but if not they'll probably be in the next one.

Still don't have any release date, though. I'm super busy with my job and haven't had any time to work on Zenith Grabber.


I would like to add the ability to stream content but I'm limited technically. Literally speaking, it's impossible to add due to what I use to create Zenith Grabber being sort of... bad, lol.

Forgot to mention: most likely isn't doable since the videos on there are very large and are high-quality files. The way their website works is they gradually stream the video to you, like YouTube, instead of downloading it all at once (which is what Zenith Grabber does).

Ha thank you; 90% of the code is purely UI so I'm glad you like it!

Adding video support requires rewriting a lot of code since originally Zenith Grabber was just designed for images. I'm hoping I can get videos out in the next major update, but I can't any estimates. It is my #1 priority though!

Lol, thank you for all that info. I have just checked out the comments API and you're absolutely right, it is doable. I will make a note of this so I don't forget, but it might take a little while to get implemented.

Thanks for all the feedback!! Really appreciate it

Hi, great idea--I will try to add the website and media type to the viewer in the next update.
Comments aren't possible though, as the majority (maybe even all) of the APIs don't supply me with that information. It would also be hard to fit all of that on the screen elegantly.

Hey, sorry about that.
I've just made a post regarding these issues, please give it a read.


Really cool tool!

Hi, thank you so much for all this. And you are definitely not being nitpicky, I want all the feedback I can get lol.
I'll respond to these in order:

  • This is a good suggestion, but it does sound slightly tricky to implement. Although, I do want to support artist-searching better so I will definitely make a note of this. Once I'm less busy with other features I will try and get this added.
  • Very good point, I will add that.
  • This has already been added as a setting for v1.0.0, so look out for when that releases (pretty damn soon, I'm just waiting on Steam).
  • Now that you mention it, it's weird this wasn't already in. I will add this.
  • Another good point, adding this in too.

Again, thanks for the feedback; it motivates me a lot!

Hey, this issue has already been fixed on my development version--the next time I release an update it will be sorted!
Thanks for reporting.

Thanks! I have now fixed this and it will no longer happen in the next update.

I see, I get what you're saying now. I will add that to my list of things to implement. For now, "auto select posts" in settings should speed up selecting stuff.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Gelbooru porn content is supported, so maybe it is being blocked by something external?

The only part that I see shit + click applying to is post-selection, but this already exists without needing to press shift. Were you thinking of it being somewhere else, or am I misunderstanding?

I see. I will try to get a version on, but Steam's TOS might now allow it. I'll post an announcement if whether or not I can do it :)

Hi, was this with "posts per page" set to 100, or "posts per search" set to 100?

If it was "posts per page" then that is why. Your computer is trying to download 100 images at once which will obviously be quite slow, I recommend a range of 15-50 depending on your internet speed.

If it was instead "posts per search" then that indicates it's something else (like slow internet, the website is being slow, etc)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey, sorry I think I forgot to respond lol.

Not sure what you mean exactly by Gelbooru content, as Gelbooru is already supported?
I'm also not sure what the shift + click selection would do, what exactly were you thinking?
And unfortunately, due to engine limitations, I cannot view the current memory usage--I did originally want to add memory notifications in.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi, the Windows version has an automatic updater. It's on the latest update.
This guide is slightly outdated but the method to update is still the same:

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Hey, I just tried to find a solution to this but it seems that it's just the way that Rule34 has designed their API.
So I don't think searching for artists is possible through Zenith Grabber, sorry :(
If I do come across a way to add it in, I will. Thanks for the feedback :)

These features have now been implemented in v0.9.1b, thanks for the suggestions :)

Thanks for all that, these would all make great additions. I'll be sure to add them in the next release.

When trying to use the copy button did you receive any notification from the app such as the directory not existing/clipboard being empty, or did nothing happen at all? Will look into this, thanks for reporting it.

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Above the search bar is a dropdown box that includes all the available websites. You can freely enable and disable which ones you'd like to search for.

Type your tags in the search box, separated by spaces. To learn more about how you should format your tags, click here. Once you're done, click the "SEARCH" button.

Selecting and Viewing Posts

After you have made your search, a bunch of posts will show up on the screen. By clicking on any that you like, it will get selected. Once you have chosen the posts you'd like to view, click the "VIEW" text at the bottom of the screen to enter viewing mode.

Next to the view button are two arrows for page navigation. You can browse these pages and your posts selected on previous pages will carry over--so you can keep building up a list of posts.

If you have multiple posts selected, you can navigate between them using either the Arrow Keys, Mouse Wheel, or by clicking on the post you want to move towards. If you want to look closer at an image, press the right mouse button to toggle magnify mode.

Once you're done, you can press the back button in the bottom left to return to the post-selection screen.

Viewing Doujinshi

Doujinshi are essentially just books. They work almost identically to posts, apart from when in view mode.
Notice the post on the left does not have the extra tool-tip, nor a title bar on its left side.
If you click on a Doujinshi post, you will start viewing each of its pages just like you would view regular posts; pressing the back button will return you back to your original post selection.

Mass-downloading Posts

If you don't like a certain image, you can press the Trash icon to remove it from view and the mass-download list. Once you've refined your selection, hit the Download button and everything will be saved in neat little folders for you :)


There are a lot of settings at your disposal. There are too many to go over here, so I recommend playing around with them yourself. Each setting has a "?" tooltip; hover your mouse over it to get a more detailed description of what the setting does.

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If you encounter any issues with the software, please report them here.

Just by reading your problem, it may be hard to figure out exactly what went wrong under the hood. That's why you should include your logs with your report. You can find your logs in:

%LocalAppData%/stoozey_/GRABBER-ZENITH/logs/<most recent date>--zenith.log
/home/<user>/stoozey_/GRABBER-ZENITH/logs/<most recent date>--zenith.log

Also, please let me know what operating system you're using.

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Zenith Grabber supports automatic updates: so to keep things organized, the download available on is just an updater/downloader.

Part 1) Initial download

Once you've downloaded the installer, extract everything into a folder. Run "Zenith Updater.exe" to begin downloading the latest version. Once completed, you will find a new directory inside your update folder called "Zenith Grabber" which includes the actual program. The updater will automatically launch Zenith Grabber once finished.

Part 2) Updating an out-of-date client

When launching Zenith Grabber you might notice a "!" icon displayed over your settings. This means that your client is out-of-date.
Click on the settings tab and at the top, you will see an "UPDATE" button. Click on it to start the download. Once it's finished downloading, the update will be installed and Zenith Grabber will re-launch.