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I really enjoy this exciting and scary plot of "The Man From The Window" .  It would be possibly be a fantastic idea to have other languages too depending on popular demands!

Ah okay!  I'm sorry to hear that the 32 bit version was unstable. I'll just have to try and work my way around this issue somehow.  Thank you again for your reply.

Is it possible to create a (32-Bit ).rar zip file for "Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom"?. I'm really interested in experiencing this fantastic game! Thank you for any response to this comment.

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Pink has been republished recently by someone named, "Chibi Screech Games".  This is a warning to those who might find it and download it. Please report this person and only download the original here, developed by AugoGames.

This game originally belongs to AugoGames. You should take this down. I'll also be contacting the developer.

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"Last Bus Home" is quite the interesting and nicely developed story. I'm curious how many endings there are in total, so that way I can experience it all this game has to offer.

Okay. My graphics card on this PC is able to handle games that run with unity engine instead of unreal engine.  Thank you again for your answer.

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I'm excited to play through "The True Ingredients" and experience this spooky and rich story this game has to offer. I'm interested in what engine this game runs on first before I consider buying it. Thank you for any given helpful answers or responses to this comment.

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"A Day in the Office" was a great experience to playthrough with a very rich story. I'm quite excited to see if there will be a part 2 of this or possibly a new story in development. We all could use more great stories like this!

I'm experiencing the same issue. Can't seem to figure it out.

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I really enjoyed this terrifying experience and the story of "JANITOR BLEEDS".  

One Issue/Problem I'm Having:

I need some help on how to access the good ending. Thank you in advance!

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I really enjoy my experience playing through, "Surviving The Humans". Very story rich and high quality. 

Small issue/bug I'm dealing with:

After using the pile of rocks/stones on George's Crypt, Cooper's hand disappears and I'm not able to hand over the map to the Gangster at the other side of cemetery.

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Andy's Apple Farm is quite the well crafted and story-rich pixel art horror game. 

Question: Is it possible to add a Spanish translation and perhaps other languages to Andy's Apple Farm? 

This was quite the fascinating story and I enjoyed the twist at the end! I wonder if there will be a part 2.

Alright, I'll  do that. Thank you, Maple.

Okay, thank you for replying and providing me with a solution to this puzzle! 

I'm having a bit of trouble solving this puzzle and it is the candle puzzle. Can anyone help me solve this?

This is a very interesting ocean horror game! Though, I wonder how many VHS tapes there are within the waters. I only found a few so far.  

Hello, Moonbit.

I wanted to ask if there was a possibility to add a few difficulty levels such as Hard Mode in the Mr. Hopp's Playhouse games. It would be exciting and perhaps make things more interesting  for those who want a  challenge or for players that have already finished the game! 

Very interesting and rich storyline!

My experience of playing "A Day in the Office" was quite amazing. Very intriguing story and excellent graphic design.  I hope there will be more to come soon!

Interesting game! Is it possible that "Pigsaw" has a censored feature? If not, that's okay!

Yes! Lasagna Boy is back! I'll be ready to play when it's ready to be released

Very interesting storyline and gameplay. This reminds me of an old pixel art game titled, "Mad Father". 

Okay, thank you so much! I'll try this!

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I was able to successfully escape alive! I enjoyed playing, "Get Out Alive" (Episode 1). Also, can you add a setting to where you can delete your saved progress if you can. I was hoping to share the game with others and spread the word. Thank you!

It's fine! Also, it seems that I'm unable to delete my saved progress with the, "delete all saves" option in the game.

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I really enjoyed playing, "A Willing Friend". Though, I had an issue deleting the progress of the game and wanted to record this to share with others. I hope this can be fixed and that there will be more content!

The experience of playing Keiko was brilliant! I really enjoyed the exciting  events that occurred, including the story. 

I've been waiting to see another episode of Forgotten Tunnels. I am quite excited for the release of the game!

The intensity of the situation in the game was quite an interesting and fun experience!

I'm sorry about your issue, hope you recover soon! 

I was very excited to view this update! Hope see to more of what you guys have to offer. :)

It's fine, and now I can play the game in full screen. Thank you! Also, I'll be happy to try and give out some feedback when I can!

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How do you expand the screen of the game?

Alright, and I'll be sure to stay updated on that!