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wow this game was dope and creepy as hell

loved it was super fun even if i did break one of the doors

Why did fred do that man he didnt have to

the last mannequin cheated lol

This is why you dont pineapple


loved the game, cant wait to see what else you make

why does his face do that ?

well new nightmare unlocked

Loved the game i named the drone Wallace i think it is fitting

why the footsteps be so scary lol

I swear i didnt break the patty mobile

Honestly one of The Best games when it comes to scares had me on my toe at all times

honestly i got a amazing ending Good work on the game

super cute and fun game

I did not understand but nf

gow i hate people who smile

Loved the ending I got

I never wanna go to Mcdong's again

The bathroom bit was one of the best things ever done in video game history 

Fun game I love the look of the game !

That monster was freaky as hell

the scariest game on the market 

one of the creepiest games ive ever played

Very fun though sad it was so short, thank you for making it!

very creepy game

Was a fun cool game, sorry i think i broke it though

I really Enjoyed the puzzle and the shelf with all the heads

that jumpscare tho

this game is how i imagine a good dmt trip is like, honestly though a cool game !

really had fun !

very spoopy, makes me wonder when the full game is gonna come out :

Erik is a great guy best man at my wedding too 

this has added a new take to my elevator phobia 

So cute how could it be evil ?

I loved the game the honestly it would be a awesome full game


best noodle recipe ive ever seen

one of the scariest games ive ever played great job !!!

My stay at the hotel was quite enjoyable though I have heard some rumors that there maybe some super snake hiding in the walls, I believe it to be false ( not written by a snake)

hre face scares me, great game overall had me creeped out the whole game