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Hey so what do you actually usually embed in your decks?

I was thinking it'd be nice if there was a feature added to the setup which would match a command line string to each window title so that if the window title isn't found, the deck load process can launch it automatically. Possibly also an option to enable on a deck-by-deck basis that would shut down the programs when the deck is closed.

This would allow for doing stuff like opening a new Edge/Chrome window for each site you want to embed, or starting a chat client if it isn't running, etc.

I can work around it of course by writing a batch file that actually launches YAL's Deck (I think it's a great name by the way) after checking for the windows I want to embed, but it'd be great if it was a built in feature.

The download button on the confirmation page does not work.

hey, I sent a friend request to see if I'd be a good fit for 2D art

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I'd like to try to do a small game for this, do you have any initial story concepts? I can do simple Bug Fables style graphics and 3D environments, and I have been a professional programmer for ~16 years.

I'd want to use GameMaker, and I can provide external scripting support easily so no worries if you don't use it. The IDE is free now however and we can publish to for free I think? I have a commercial perpetual license though so I can just provide builds too.

p.s. if there's a way to DM people on I have somehow not yet discovered it. I'm "airways" on the GameMaker and Clickteam Fusion forums. I guess there's probably a discord for this jam? Anyway lmk if you're still looking for a team for this jam and think you'll have the time to work on it, have been looking for a narrative person for a bit now!


Love this extension, already using it for all my internal tools and I plan to use it for released software in the near future. I do have a question:

How would you recommend approaching adding of imgui add-ons from third party developers?

For instance I'd like to use these addons in my projects:

Oh, that's great, thanks very much for the tip!

Yeah, I poked around in the formats a bit and saw that it was obviously totally different from what your code was looking for (based on the Dev Tools Console output). Seemed really odd to me too that they just changed that, maybe it streamlines their serializer internally or something? So weird in particular to get rid of the version identifier though.

Oh, and to be clear I opened them in the beta only after checking my projects into git and making a manual backup as well. ;) Though with the bug in the last 2023 release I am pretty stuck since in 2023 release I can't import your extensions and in 2024 I can't open the projects with your editor. Not your fault at all though obviously. Just a silly situation is all.

I had to switch to using the 2024.200 IDE beta because the latest 2023 build was not able to install your extensions properly due to the bug it has... but now GMEdit can't open my projects. Any work around or plans to support 2024.200 either as beta or I assume it will be supported when it comes out of beta?

Good call, fixed!

Here's my older game DONTidle, mainly an experiment in "meta-gaming" (or something like that) which integrates your idle status to decide if your character is attacking or defending. Hope to expand this greatly eventually, but other projects are higher on my list right now. :)

Hey guys I'd be interested in helping out! I'm airways on the forum.

Really dope, keep it up!

Any chance of a downloaded version?

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The best tool/language for programming 3D games that I have ever tried -- and I've tried many, many tools. Blitz3D beats Unity, Unreal, Leadwerks, S2, Tombstone/C4, and more that I can't even remember in one key area for me: productivity. I can just write some very simple commands out and get really great results very quickly.

Those other tools/frameworks are great for what they are able to do as well of course but right now my focus is on getting stuff to actually show on the screen as quickly as possible -- and Blitz3D lets me get whats in my head out on the screen the fastest of all of these.

I am using a version built with Visual Studio 2022 based on this repo:

It was so easy to build, basically no steps were required other than 1) check it out 2) press build solution. You end up with Blitz3D.exe in a _release subfolder, ready to go. It's possible I already had any dependencies installed but if so they can't be very hard to find. Give it a try if you're remotely able to work with C/C++!

Thank you, Mark! I love Blitz3D!

p.s. Some useful tools:

I recommend using Blender 2.79 in order to be able to produce .3ds files that can be read by Blitz3D.

You can also use fragMOTION for model editing and exporting to DirectX's .x format -- which includes all textures in one file.

I have had good results from Material Maker 1.3 for stylized textures, which lend themselves nicely to the Blitz3D renderer.

Love it! Wish there were more levels!

Love it! Resident evil vibes which is perfect.

could you add a help window like the original QBasic had that takes 1/2 the vertical screen and shows commands available with details?

this is really really cool!

Yes, this is what CopperCube needs, lot of good small utilities!


This is really fun, thanks for the really creative take on a solitaire card game experience. :)

Are you planning to release the CCB and JS files as a template project for sale? I'd love to buy a copy if you do!

Your stuff is so cool, best of luck!

This is pretty cool!

MAZE RUNNER community · Created a new topic Y axis?

Can invert Y axis?

This is awesome, just bought the pack on Steam!

This art is so good it hurts.

Pretty good! Could use a little friendlier targeting but otherwise fun! Top score 7045.

This is pretty fun!

This is great!

Great stuff!

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Windows and MP3 archives aren't downloadable.

Trying to use it to edit for my own engine, with PNG output. I like the limits imparted by the structure of the C64 graphics setup, but I need to use a custom palette and not being able to see what color I'm selecting makes the custom palette really hard to use for anything other than variations of the C64 palette. Seems like a shame it's not easier to use for other environments.

Ah okay I figured out what's going on. The colors in the Project Palette don't update, so it's hard to tell what color is actually selected. Could that be changed so the thumbnails and the palette selection boxes show the configured palette?

Hmmm. This doesn't seem to work, the screen shot above is after I pressed OK (then reopened it). I was using the x64 build, I'll try with the others.

I see how to edit a color / colour palette, but I can't seem to get it to actually apply to the project. How can I apply the palette to the project so the colors are used for characters?

Cool! I knew there had to be a way.

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This is great, but it should cost more! It's only $0.19 right now with the conversion rate (which I didn't know until after the purchase).

Very fun game, but I couldn't get past the "ambush" level. I can get the alchemy school built and get off one myst spell but it isn't enough. They do 29 damage against 20..22 reduction. I can't quite manage to get a military base and the alchemy school built at the same time, which might work? Anyway, really fun game!

Quite fun!