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When the class is deciding their hero names, can we be allowed to choose our own hero name? I think it would add to the experience and make us truly feel like we are part of the story. I wanted mine to be the H-2-0pressor.

The SteamVR.bat isn't working for me. It just starts the game on my PC screen, but not on Steam VR

This could be great in VR

I haven't been able to try the game out because every time I try to open the game,  it takes me to website and I cant get my steamvr out of monitor mode so it screws everything up for my headset until I turn it off, try it again, rinse and repeat. I've tried 6 times and have had no luck. so itd be a help to fix that because im really interested in what this game has.

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Every box I touched glitched out and spontaneously combusted. I love this game.

This is really enjoyable! Build 9 makes it so much more fun! Can't wait for the full release!

I cant pick up weapons