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tbh it looks like there,d be more of a scarier ending then that like the being killing you after opening your eyes satisfying his want or something like that

thank jesus theres a First Person View i have Arachnophobia

well i cant say playing a guys dream is certainly interesting lol jk it is pretty interesting to be honest i think many other people should make games based on their dreams or nightmares thatd be cool

you should add a feature where when the player throws the mag its an actual mag that drops and has physics like COD:MW thatd be pretty cool and love the gun sway its nice

the concept is good tbh sucks you didnt get permission for it though it probably wouldve looked better then it is now

me to dude

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the creators of Amnesia should Remake Amnesia The Dark Descent it was scary as hell when i first played and seen it from PewDiePIe my favorite Horror Game still and it looks pretty good on the screenshots and bad news it dont my PC is ass

kinda looks like dont hug me im scared show

Yea i knew that but its like more animated and 3D i didnt think itch would allow that lol

Tbh im suprised is letting you upload this game

alrighty man have a nice day

also i deleted that post cuz i meant to say that one lol

i was just saying that i dont usually play weird games like this i usually play gorey type of games like Killing Floor and stuff like that but maybe ill check it out at some point idk i dont really want to deviate from playing gorey and horror games really tbh.

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this game looks interesting

i meant its weird i dont play these games exactly just play gorey games like Kiling Floor and stuff like that i didnt mean to delete that post but rather hadve edited if i could idk

this game looks pretty sweet

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should put in shell ejections to make it alittle more realistic in an update thatd be cool for it and Mag dropping for more realism to