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Good fun short and to the point had a few good scares no bugs overall fun. your game is second馃憤

Its good has a good scare in the middle and I didn't find any bugs I liked it. Your game is first馃憤


Great game it is really good I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work馃憤

Great game its scary and fun the end got me. your game is first one. Great job.

That was good little game the end got me good. your game is the second. Great job

Great game I had so much fun playing it and getting all the endings


This is first time I played something like this and its good I liked it. Also don't forget to like if you enjoyed the video鉂

I liked the game keep up the good work馃憤

Great game so much fun!!!

Good short game liked it good job馃憤

Well that was fun and funny GOOD JOB馃憤

Great short game Good job馃憤

Very fun game. With good story GOOD JOB馃憤


And so we end this game

This game just keeps being fun

I really  liked this game lots of fun you really did a great job


Great game very pretty and fun good job馃憤

So that's how my cat see me huh. Btw great game good job馃憤

Great spooky game good job馃憤

Well that was an experience good job馃憤


Good Game just need a little more stuff in

it. But it was fun so good job馃憤

Good Game No bugs or anything bad and it was fun so all in all good job馃憤

Great Game Very Fun And Scary I Enjoyed It A Lot馃憤

Great game I enjoyed it a lot hope you continue to make fun game for more watch video and help the channel out馃挅馃挅


Thank you馃挅

Good game it was fun didn't had any bugs an it worked great馃憤

This Game IS GREAT. Good job and I hope you enjoy the video馃挅

Well that was interesting game I liked it. check out the video and support the channel馃挅

Good game I liked it a lot didnt have any bugs or anything so thats great. See the video for more. GOOD JOB馃憤

Great game didnt have any bugs or anything. Just Maybe put something at the end but other than that Great Game GOOD JOB and check out the video馃挅馃憤

Great Game I did have bug at a begin but thats it if there was more I dont know. But all in all great game馃憤鉂