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Stolen Pebble Games

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Thank you so much! So glad that you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you so much! :) 

I got all of the endings (I think!). Talk about gas lighting, hah. Good job!

I like the story, good job! :)

As for feedback, one piece of constructive criticism that I can offer is that the sprites look too big for the background to me. It might be better if you made the sprites smaller/ made the aspect ratio 1920 x 1080.

Definitely keep it up!

Really good start so far! I like the Doki Doki vibes. 

Really unsettling; good job!

Really good job on the art! :)

Good start so far! I like all the assets you've chosen!

Really moody and peculiar, in a good way! Nice job! 

I think I died about six times before I beat the game. Guess my survival instinct isn't as good as I thought. 

Cool, elegant game! Great job!

Really cool, unique concept! I enjoyed this!

I did the Todoroki route so far! Really cool, thanks for uploading! :) 

Immersive and engaging, especially considering the length! Great job!

I played it all the way through! Unique story so far! :) 

Yup, you got all of them! So glad you enjoyed it. :) 

Thanks so much for making this! Super helpful! I recently used this to help making my first VN.

Hi! Thanks so much for making this available; they're beautiful! I used these sprites for my first ever, short VN.