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i do have a tumblr! its stoic-rose94! cropped screenshots are absolutely alright! also ye its alright to just use the pronouns :) and you have a good summer and disability pride month too! and dont worry abt asking me questions, im good at answering those B)

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larice uses she/her! also that would most certainly be okay, just give the credit 1000-visages on tumblr, they're the one who did the header art!

these are wonderful

an absolute classic... i love this game with all my heart :)

hell yeah!!

love this, cant wait for cave story sex rpg 2008

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yo how do i export a gif? just curious

edit: i was using 1.0.3! my bad 

I do really enjoy this, i think it's pretty neat, the idea of having the tower of challenges n stuff. but the battles get really, really unfair on floor 7, and the puzzle with the dreams seemed a bit obtuse, i couldnt figure it out and had to brute force it. I think maybe making the save point heal you would help a bit with balancing? but the burnt designs are SO cool, and i think the dialogue is charming! also, the hand drawn pictures look really clean and good. and while the music doesnt feel very OFF-esque, i think the main theme that plays in the tower is still cool. overall, i enjoyed it, but it could use some tweaks. 

that was really cool :) i liked that! you did a great job as always, andy! although i do think there could be a bit more warning with some of the more uh, intense memories? i dunno, maybe im just squeamish lol

maybe you wouldnt need to do split screen? maybe itd just be how it is in HD/2,, i think that might be easier to do

this is so dope fr, although a local multiplayer mode would be pretty killer :>