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Hey there. I think the data folder is missing for he Windows build?

This game is really epic.

Hey TheCastler. Thank you very much for giving it a go. I made the mistake of only listing the controls on the games main page, which was not a great idea, next jame I will definitely put them in the game menu. For people giving this a go though:

Arrow keys for moving

Spacebar for jumping

1 For spike hair (kills monks)

2 For poison hair (kills lice)

3 For flame hair when follicle fuel is full (kills everything)

Collect thirs hammer when it spawns to kill all enemies on screen.

Hope you enjoy!

Hey @giantmuskrat. Thanks alot for the awesome feedback. I am glad you enjoyed. Nothed about the weapon keys. For the best experience I reccommend using the number keys at the top of the keyboard for switching weapons and moving around with the arrow keys, this should allow for 2 hands.

What language/engine did you make this in bro?