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This game fucks.

The comic book panel layout is perfectly executed. It drives home the theme, but also does a killer job of organizing info. Big brain stuff. The early access makes great use of old pulp comic art, and I'm excited to see what the final version looks like.

The game has some awesome tweaks on the LUMEN engine to amp up the consequences, but balances it by giving the players lots of tricks to let their villains return to fight another day. 

The provided heroes and plot hooks are tightly written, and go a long way in establishing an over-the-top setting of 1950s comic book action turned on its head. I'm pumped to see additional material to flesh out Metro City!

This is a beautiful journaling game! The art nouveau layout and excellently curated artwork evoke a strong sense of time & place that help bring San Sibilia to life. The prompts are clear and tightly written, but open-ended enough to let you bring your own impressions of the city into your journal entries. 

I'm excited to see the design commentary and extended appendix! The shifting nature of San Sibilia reminded me of The City & The City, and I look forward to reading about the other influences.